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There will be visible consequences for looting the Andrano Ancestral Tomb as part of the Main Quest now. Part of the May Modathon Month.

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Part of the May Modathon Month

There will be visible consequences for looting the Andrano Ancestral Tomb as part of the Main Quest now. The Dunmer consider their ancestors to be sacred, and any violation of them is a grave sin (pun intended) in their eyes, especially necromancy and tomb raiding. Therefore, this mod aims to make your deed actually look like a huge religious and political scandal that affects the life of the people of Vvardenfell and makes your next playthrough of the Main Quest a bit more immersive.

Features of this mod:

- Ordinators will leave wanted posters of an unknown outlander necromancer all around the taverns of Vvardenfell, describing the crime and urging to people to report any information to the proper authorities

- The tomb itself will become a crime scene, and the Ordinators investigating inside would attack anyone entering on sight

- Similarly, the Temple will take the protection of the ancestral tombs a bit more seriously, and the ancestral tombs of the most prestigious families will be protected by Ordinators now. (Only those instead of all, because we also know that there is a shortage of Ordinators due to Dagoth Ur, so they have to prioritize too.)

- An outraged member of the Andrano family will form a militia that wants to retaliate against the outlanders

- Lots of dialogue: Seyda Neen citizens will be annoyed by the investigating Ordinators disturbing the peace of the area, an incident between the regulars of the Halfway Tavern and a Dunmer mob almost leads to bloodshed, the Legion insists on non-interference with Dunmer religious matters, while the faithful of the Nine fear that a Dunmer militia would retaliate against Imperial tombs. The Temple will be concerned, and tensions in Vvardenfell between Dunmer and outlanders will visibly grow due to your actions - the former would blame the entire thing on them. Unique dialogue for the following NPCs: Caius Cosades, Sharn gra-Muzgob, Berel Sala, Edwinna Elbert, most members of the Andrano family, the new NPCs added into the Dunmer militia that forms as a result of the theft.

To begin:

The changes trigger a bit after you actually loot the tomb, to keep it realistic: it happens when you get your orders about the Vivec informants from Caius. (There is a level requirement for beginning that quest, but it's even better if you decide to do some freelance jobs between the two missions.)

Q: But isn't this a bit over the top?

A: I would argue that such an action would create such a reaction in Dunmer society. It would be a huge scandal instead of the nothing that you get in vanilla.

Q: Why the ESO lore concerning the person of Llevule Andrano, though?

A: My approach to ESO is that if what they introduce is cool, then I accept it, if it's not cool, then I ignore it. This one is cool, in my opinion. With the information introduced by ESO that he was a Second Era Temple Archcanon, it adds another layer to Sharn's character: she tricked you with the story the he was only some journeyman enchanter, it was a lie. Also, it becomes an even bigger sin in the eyes of the Dunmer, as you not only rob an ancestral tomb, but you also take the remains of a very important figure in Dunmer history.