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This replacement giving Balmora more life and immersion.

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-This replacement giving Balmora more life and immersion with some new buildings like Water mill, farmhouse, a Stronghold,...
-There is some new NPCs with time activities/services.
-a new blacksmith
-a transport ship
-a farmhouse with a seller inside
-a fichermonger
-some new weapons (Hoe, lumberjack's axe,...
-a new open face helmet for the archer Hlaalu
-an extention of the harbor on the Odaï's river
-and a lot of other decoration and details evrywhere like awnings with differents colors, terraces and balconies with d├ęcorations,....
-Be carful now all the container have owners. and for the new houses, the doors lock in the night around 21:00 to 8:00.
-The city's gates are scripted: Open the day, close the night but open themselves if you want to pass. But if you are criminal: Light criminals can open manually the doors but if you are great criminals, the gate will be locked.
-No cheat items
-In the screenshots I use the WestGash Tree replacer from Vurt's and Taddeus's On The Rocks. But it's not a problem the mod is Vanilla friendly.