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= Dallara Balmora V1.0 (VO) =

Version : V1.0
Autor : Dallara
Test : Svartalfar

Need :
Morrowind only

Description :
-This replacement giving Balmora more life and immersion with some new buildings like Water mill, farmhouse, a Stronghold,...
-There is some new NPCs with time activities/services.
-a new blacksmith
-a transport ship
-a farmhouse with a seller inside
-a fichermonger
-some new weapons (Hoe, lumberjack's axe,...
-a new open face helmet for the archer Hlaalu
-an extention of the harbor on the Odaï's river
-and a lot of other decoration and details evrywhere like awnings with differents colors, terraces and balconies with décorations,....
-Be carful now all the container have owners. and for the new houses, the doors lock in the night around 21:00 to 8:00.
-The city's gates are scripted: Open the day, close the night but open themselves if you want to pass. But if you are criminals,... Light criminals can open manually the doors but if you are great criminals, the gate will be locked.
-No cheat items
-In the screenshots I use the WestGash Tree replacer from Vurt's and Taddeus's On The Rocks. But it's not a problem the mod is Vanilla friendly.

Install :

Just drop the Datafiles into your Morrwind directories

- Compatibilité:

The plugin is compatible with any retextures, Children of Morrowind and MCA.
But it's probably incompatible with any Balmora redesign mod.

Uninstall :

Delete the Files into your DataFiles And don't forget to clean your Savegame.

- Recommended mods :

-Vurt's Leafy West Gash II
-On The Rocks Optimised

Credits :
Thanks to Svartalfar for the tests and to Nexus for their share platform.

Contacts :

Adresse hotmail: [email protected]
Adresse Gmail/Paypal: [email protected]
Nexus: Dallara1000