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This is translated (English) version of Menorra's Improved Better Heads (RU), with some improvements over original.

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This is translated (English) version of Menorra's Improved Better Heads, with some improvements over original. Heads for all races except Khajiit.

Menorra's original Improved Better Heads mod is based on Westly and Better Heads replacers and feature new Redguards, Orcs and Dark Elves that are more close to vanilla, etc.

This modified version is a bit closer to original Better Heads than Menorra's was and compatible with English version of the game.

The main idea of this mod is to make Menorra's Improved Better Heads (RU) compatible with the English version of Morrowind for use with TES3MP.
But since I not like Menorra's Orcs, Bretons, High Elves and especially Wood Elves I backported this heads from Better Heads mod and some tweaks are made.


Tip: since there are no Khajiit, you can use:
MacKoms Khajiit (replacer for Khajiit)

Don't forget to install MK_Khajiit_NonNude meshes after main file, since the default version is NSFW.
Works fine with OpenMW. For vanilla, make sure file dates are set correctly, if you have problems with transparent necks/heads. Use Redate if needed. MK_Khajiit.esp need to be loaded after Improved Better Heads.