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Shinies! Gemstones, Pearls, Glass and Runestones
By Gawain Melchior Dahrk Danae Merlord

Version: 1.6

1. Requirements
2. Description
3. Permissions
4. Installation
5. Credits

Morrowind, Tribunal, and Bloodmoon


Adds gemstones, glass shards, pearls and runestones. Perfect for the avid alchemist but, the miner hoping to strike gold, the pearl diver looking for the purest pearl and the apprentice conjurer.

This a merge and a re-work of the following mods:

Gawain's More Gems
Adds dozens of beatufiful gemstones as misc. items to rock containers and levelled lists that can be grinded at a crusher in Caldera Mages Guild.
- gemstones changed from misc items to ingredients
- crusher removed for Mages Guild (better compatibility with Mage Guild overhaul mods)
- gemstone removed from vanilla rock containers (Compatibility with Morrowind Crafting)
- revert changes to vanilla gemstones
- gave Noble class npc a chance to carry a gemstone
- replaced the sapphire, amethyst and opal with Stuporstar's for compatibility with ST Alchemy and Sri's Alchemy
- gemstones added to select levelled lists

Luminar's A Whole New Shade of Glass
A very simple recolour of the raw glass
- removed the god awful recoloured glass armour
- made the coloured raw glass drops very rare from glass rocks but valuable

W3's Rune stones
Stones with Daedric letters carved on them. Their alchemical properties often dealing with bound items and sdaedra summonings.
- removed from common levelled lists
- added Rune stones to adequate locations (Daedric shrines)
- may drop from Daedra

MD's Pearls Enhanced
Adds a variety of pearls in size and adds a 2 unique pearls: a black one and a pink one.
NONE, merged here for convenience, please be sure to endorse the original mod

Other features
- A dozen small chests containing gemstones have been added where relevant (vaults, wealthy homes)
- Blue diamond, an extremely rare drop from Diamond rock. Also very valuable.
- textures optimised with Ordenator

TR Version
- removed the gems from More Gems that already exsist in TR
- TR Daedra creatures can drop runestones
- Runestones hand placed in TR Daedric ruins
- TR Nobles may carry a gemstone.

Additionnal features with MWSE version
- All mod-added daedra creatures have a chance to drop a rune stone
- All mod-added noble npc have a chance to carry a gemstone
- Small chest that nornally have gold or gemstones have a tiny chance to become gemstones chest. (instead of chests added to the game world)

None of the models or textures are mine, see their repective readmes (included) to make sure you respect their authors' wishes.
If you want to make an addon/patch for Shinies! I would most likely to host it on Shinies! mod page

select 00 Core
choose ONE of the following
01 Vanilla if you have the base game only
01 TR version if you have Tamriel Rebuilt

Merge levelled list and objects

Sri Alchemy

1.0 originla release
1.0a added missing meshes and textures for ST gemstones
1.1 fixed config files
1.2 edited levelled lists to make shinies rarer (much!)
1.3 OAAB integration
better TR integration
fixed chest placement (non-MWSE versions)
1.4 fixed corrupted dds (icon rune N)
cleaned Firewatch stairs cell
1.5 renamed esp for clarity
added Unidentified Items functionality
1.6 Wares-Aware
Removed non-MWSE versions
Bethesda Softworks for developing Morrowind and the Construction Set.
Melchior Dahrk for the Pearls
Gawain for the original gemstones
Luminar for the recoloured glass ingredients
W3 for the original Rune stones models
Astion for the diamond model and texture (modified )
Stuporstar and Sri for the Sapphire, Opal and Amethyst model
RedFurryDemon for fixing, optimizing and atlasing the gemstone container model.
Merlord for the Lua scripts
Brucoms for developing the TES3 Readme Generator this readme was made from.