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Puts proper clothing on some NPCs

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Say you were a caravaner, spending your entire day on a striderport in Ald'ruhn. Would you just stand there, high up, tanking ashstorms with your face?

I wouldn't. I'd wear an ashmask and put a robe on!

Or, say you were a slaver in the Ascadian Isles, doing the hard work of whipping khajiits all day while the sun shines on your head. Wouldn't you wear some sort of hat?

To make it short, this uses vanilla clothing and some resources made by the community to put more appropriate clothing to some NPCs.
I didn't want to go too far so there's only a handful of NPCs edited.

For those worried that the addtions might be vanilla/lore breaking, worry not! Most of the models used here were inspired by concept art. Take a look at the official concept art booklet and you'll find stuff that'very close to the models I used.

The mod is now bigger in both size and scope. What's changed compared to the previous version?

- Funcionality and items from Wear a mask have been ported over
- More NPCs edited by the mod
- Cool new closed helm model by Shadow Mimicry
- Items have been scattered around and added to leveled lists
- Funcionality of of Simple Cloth Scarf mod (version 1.0) has been ported over (by adding OAAB_data dependency that has the same model)
- The mod is now depended on OAAB_data

R0: some resources
Shehriazad: resources
REDMAN: resources
Shadow Mimicry: resources
Von Django: resources
Abot: scripting