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Patch for Vurt's Leafy West Gash II to make it compatible with mods using the original West Gash tree models, such as Tamriel Rebuilt. Patch for HotV - Gnisis included as well.

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Released in 2011, Vurt's Leafy West Gash II is IMO still the best visual overhaul of the West Gash Region. Unfortunately, a major drawback is that it replaces the tree and root meshes with models that are very different from the originals, requiring careful placement of the objects. This makes it practically incompatible with any mod using Bethesda's original meshes, such as Tamriel Rebuilt. This mod remedies this problem by assigning new IDs to all of Vurt's tree models and renaming the meshes, so it will no longer affect other mods.

A patch for HotV - Gnisis is included as well. This moves / deletes some of the trees so they will no longer clash with the changes to the worldspace.

  1. Install all textures and the chokeweed/roobrush meshes (meshes/o folder) from Vurt's Leafy West Gash II. Use the 2dot0a version. This mod includes a modified .esp, so there is no need to include the original. If intending to skip step 3 below, DO NOT INCLUDE THE ROOT AND TREE MESHES (meshes/f folder). These are the ones that cause the problem.
  2. Install this mod. If using HotV - Gnisis, use the alternative .esp.
  3. (Optional) Use a mesh replacer for the original West Gash trees. I recommend Vanilla-friendly West Gash Tree Replacer.

If updating from Vurt's original mods, follow the instructions in the attached README file.


Vurt - for creating the awesome tree models and the original .esp. I have only made minor edits to the original mod.