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Adjusts the economy in a compatible, pluginless way, by directly modifying both item prices and sellers' Mercantile.

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This MWSE-Lua mod does three things:

First, it adds 30 to every single merchants' Mercantile skill, applied when you look at them. This is so you can't sell item for more than you buy them, or anything like that. The effect should only happen once (please report any issues).

Second, it directly changes item prices. Inspired by Harder Barter, all prices greater than 10 are divided by their natural log. However, unlike that mod, the price change is applied to the actual value of the item, instead of how much you can buy it for. NEW in 1.4: this does not affect Soul Gems, because for some reason soul capacity is directly tied to price.

Finally, you can edit GMSTs to modify travel and training prices (and Enchanting with 1.4).

NEW in 1.3: You can now multiply merchants' barter gold. Not my cup of tea, but hopefully frees up some plugin spots for people.

-All of the aforementioned values can be modified in the MCM
-The price change happens when an item is first seen in an inventory. Thus, if you look at an item in the world, the price will be wrong until an instance of the item is in an inventory.

-Thanks to mort for making Harder Barter
-Thanks to Nullcascade for MWSE
-Thanks to the MMC Discord for general help