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Restores Grandfather Frost, Bethesda's original vision for what became Uncle Sweetshare.

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Grandfather Frost

This mod restores Grandfather Frost, Bethesda's original vision for what became Uncle Sweetshare.
This is done in a very seamless way. A new cell, "Solstheim, Grandfather Frost's Workshop," replaces Uncle Sweetshare's Workshop, with Grandfather Frost in place of Uncle Sweetshare. Grandfather Frost's elvish assistant, Cingor, has also been restored, in place of M'nashi. In addition, instances of the scroll "The Song of Uncle Sweetshare" have been replaced by the original "The Song of Grandfather Frost."
The Red Colovian Fur Helm has been restored as well, now actually red in color (if you used the console to acquire it in vanilla, it was yellow like the regular Colovian Fur Helm). Dialogue entries have been updated as needed, along with journal entries for the quest "The Moon Sugar Mystery," which now has you track down Grandfather Frost and return his signature red helm.
Grandfather Frost is a Breton (unlike Uncle Sweetshare who was a Nord), which is actually more consistent with vanilla dialogue - Jeleen says he saw a frail old man who was clearly no Nord.
The voice greetings were somewhat of a problem, as there are no Breton voice files with appropriate dialogue, but this has been addressed seamlessly. Those of Uncle Sweetshare's voice lines that don't specifically mention Uncle Sweetshare have been assigned to Grandfather Frost, with the most appropriate of the old idle lines serving as his hello line.
He does sound like a Nord, not a Breton, but I think this voice is more consistent with a jolly old man than the Breton voice anyway. He's also been assigned Nord voice lines for attack and hit voices and so on, so his voice will be consistent.
Use a mod management tool such as Wrye Mash, or just copy the plugin and the icons, meshes and textures directories (from the core sub-package, and from any optional sub-packages you wish to install) to your Data Files directory and select the mod in the Morrowind Launcher.
The optional sub-packages contain a higher-resolution texture based on Intelligent Textures, and an alternate icon based on Alaisiagae's Ultimate Icon Replacer. (The texture and icon in the core sub-package are based on vanilla ones.)
This mod should be compatible with almost everything. It modifies an exterior Solstheim cell, so there might be conflicts with anything that radically alters the Solstheim landscape, or moves it outright as in Anthology Solstheim or Tomb of the Snow Prince. (There is now a compatibility version for TOTSP created by RandomPal! If you use RandomPal's plugin don't forget you still need the mesh/texture/icon from my archive.)
Uncle Sweetshare and his workshop are made inaccessible by this mod, so if any other mod changes either, those changes will not appear in-game. Also expect conflicts with any mod that affects the quest "The Moon Sugar Mystery."
This mod edits Bereditte Jastal, the merchant at Thirsk, to swap out the Uncle Sweetshare scroll for the Grandfather Frost one. Any mod that edits him will conflict, though the conflict will be pretty minor, and an object merger like tes3merge should resolve it.
Version History
Version 1.0.2 - 2021-09-22
   - Repackaged mod so the vanilla-based texture and icon are in the core sub-package, and the alternate ones are in optional sub-packages.

Version 1.0.1 - 2020-06-17
   - Added optional vanilla-based texture and icon for the Red Colovian Fur Helm, for those who prefer vanilla textures.

Version 1.0 - 2020-06-01
   - Initial release.
The optional "higher-res" texture for the Red Colovian Fur Helm is based on a texture from Remiros' Intelligent Textures. It's just a recolor of IT's white helm texture.
The optional alternate icon is based on the icon for the white helm from Alaisiagae's Ultimate Icon Replacer (again, just a recolor).
Feel free to contact me on the Nexus with any comments or suggestions. You can also find me on Discord as Necrolesian#9692.
You can use this however you want, but if you use the higher-res texture or alternate icon (not the vanilla-based ones), be sure to credit Remiros and/or Alaisiagae.