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Allows your to tame and breed guars, and keep them as companions. Intelligent command menu gives unprecedented control over your guar. Attack enemies, fetch items, harvest plants etc. Build trust over time by keeping them happy and healthy to unlock more commands. Fight and play games to level up your guar.

Permissions and credits

This mod allows you to tame guars as your personal companions. Keep them happy and well feed and they will begin to trust you over time, unlocking new commands and abilities. Breed guars with a chance of getting a rare white baby guar.

To begin, activate a guar (must be a non-scripted creature using the vanilla guar mesh) while you have some guar food in your inventory. The command menu will then become available, by activating at short distance, or pressing Q to issue remote commands. Guar food includes things like saltrice, kresh weed, marshmerrow, corkbulk and wickwheat. Feed the guar a few more times until it trusts you enough to follow you. From then on, spend time with your guar and keep it happy and its trust will increase over time and more commands will unlock.

Taming Mechanics:
  • Make your guar happy by playing games, petting it, and keeping it healthy and well fed.
  • Guar can eat food from your inventory, or you can command them to eat directly from plants in the world
  • The happier your guar, the more quickly it will trust you. Keep your guar happy to unlock new commands sooner.
  • At higher levels of trust, your guar can equip packs and even breed with other guar.
  • Additionally, happiness determines your guar's flee value, making it run from battle more frequently if it isn't happy.
Intelligent Command Menu:
  • Press Q while looking at your guar to activate the context command menu.
  • Use the scroll wheel to cycle through options, or press Q again to cancel.
  • While the context menu is active, the available options are based on what you are looking at: for example, look at an enemy to bring up the attack command, or at an item to bring up the fetch command, etc.
  • Press the activate key to trigger the selected command.
  • Some commands are available by activating the guar directly.
  • As your guar's trust increases, new commands become available. At first it will only have move/attack commands.


  • At a high enough trust rating, you can equip a backpack to your guar. This command will show up in the menu when you have a backpack in your inventory and the guar trusts you enough.
  • Once equipped, hold shift+activate to access companion share.
  • A lantern transferred to your guar's inventory will show up on the pack itself. Shift+activate it to toggle the lantern on and off.
  • Camping gear from Ashfall will also display on the pack. Shift+activate the gear to transfer it directly to your inventory without having to open companion share.
(Some commands may not be available until your guar trusts you more. You will get a notification when new commands are unlocked)

  • Move to location
  • Attack an enemy
  • Charm an NPC
  • Wait/Wander/Follow
  • Feed your guar
  • Eat plant
  • Set/Go to home location
  • Take me home: takes 1 hour per 2 cells travelled
  • Set attack policy (passive or defend)
  • Pet your guar
  • Rename your guar
  • Fetch/Harvest/Steal item (unlocked at 40 trust)
  • Equip/unequip a pack (unlocked at 60 trust)
  • Breed with another guar (unlocked at 80 trust)


New Items:
These items can be found at various outfitters, including Ra'virr and Arrille:

  • Guar Flute: If your guar gets lost, summon it back by playing a guar flute, available at select traders
  • Guar pack: Equip a pack to unlock companion share for your guar. To access companion share, hold shift and activate while looking at the pack.
  • Ball: Play fetch with your guar! Equip the ball and throw it while a guar is following you and it will retrieve it for you.

  • As with all good companion mods, your guar will teleport with you if you use Mark/Recall, Intervention etc.
  • Guars are big and clumsy, and are not allowed inside. But they will join you once you head outside again.
  • If your guar does get lost, you can summon it back with the guar flute.
  • If set to "wander", guar will feed from nearby plants and interact with each other on their own.
  • Your guars will gain levitation and water walking along with the player.

Ashfall Compatibility:

If you have Ashfall installed, camping gear you give to your guar will become visible on its pack. Hold shift and activate while looking at a piece of Ashfall gear to pick it up directly.

This mod is not compatible with OpenMW
Requires MGE XE. Remember to run the mwse updater.
Simply unzip into Data Files or use a mod manager of your choice and activate the ESP file

Screenshots use textures from Guars replacer - Aendemika of Vvardenfell

Change Log:
v1.3.0 "Take me Home"
- New "Take me Home" command: ride your guar back to its home location. Takes 1 hour every 2 cells travelled, which can be costly if you have Ashfall installed. Ashfall hunger and thirst will be drained, but not sleep.
- New "Let me Pass" command: similar to the "Take my Place" mod, this lets you squeeze past your guar in tight spaces.
- Shift+activate gear on a guar's backpack will instantly transfer it to the player inventory
- Shift+activate lanterns on backpack to toggle them on/off
- Shift+activate the pack itself to access companion share (companion share command itself has been removed)
- New lantern on/off sounds to match upcoming light toggle mod
- Compatibility with Dunmer Lanterns Replacer by Melchior Dahrk, correctly toggles the added glow effect (HIGHLY recommended by the way
- Removed the potion use commands, blocked all potions from being used until MWSE develops better combat AI functions. This should fix a lot of combat bugs, but there may still be a bug with guars trying to use shields, I'm not sure yet.
- Guars now RUN to the ball when playing fetch (and with any other "go to" command)
- General AI improvements around following, teleporting etc
- Added compatibility with item Ids from the latest Ashfall release
- Added whitelist for scripted guars to MCM
- New command: charm NPCs
- New command: toggle potion consumption
- MCM page to add merchants who sell guar gear
- Improved AI: wandering guars less likely to get stuck
- Improved guar mesh: UV improvements on underbelly
- Bug fixes


- New MCM functions
    - Enable debugging
    - Option to display all Ashfall gear by default (in case you don't have Ashfall installed)
- Guars following you now get water walking and levitation with player
- Lantern in a guars inventory now displays on its pack, can turn lantern on and off in command menu