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THIS IS NOT MY MOD! This is just a re-upload of GHD, because it's somehow not on Nexus and MMH was down until a second ago and this mod should not be lost to time.

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THIS IS NOT MY MOD! This is the classic "Great House Dagoth" mod, allowing you to join the Sixth House and do the main quest that way. You also transform into Corprus things, which is cool.

"When Dagoth Gares falls in battle, he leaves behind an invitation to join House Dagoth. I have written a mod that lets you accept that invitation. This mod differs from Endrek's Sixth House mod in several ways. The two most significant differences are:
1.) I have used the shapeshifting scripts from Scripted Spells with Cortex's permission to produce a physical transformation in the player, allowing the player to advance through the stages of development from Ash Slave to Ascended Sleeper.
2.) I have kept the moral ambiguety present in Morrowind's original main quest. Dagoth Ur is no more evil than the Tribunal is good. The quests and dialogue reflect this.I feel the need to add that I mean no disrespect toward Endrek or his abilities. This is my interpretation of House Dagoth.
Update 1.04: Fixed the Ash Vampire regeneration problem (Please tell me I got it right this time!). Stopped Sleepers from force greeting you once you Join House Dagoth (and corrected some of their dialogue). Stopped the Ash Zombies from poping in once you are a member of House Dagoth. Corrected a number of spelling errors" -MMH Description

My only note is that you need to clean this mod with TESTool etc. The mod terms say I cannot redistribute it changed, so you need to clean it yourself.

This also doesn't work in OpenMW. Use this HardHack instead (specifically the "Old Files" version, as the "current" file there contains the wrong plugin for some odd reason).

UPDATE: As of 3/13/2021, the comments section to this mod has been locked. This is not my mod, and I cannot provide support of any kind. Furthermore, I am not currently playing Morrowind, so any sort of feature requests are entirely off the table. If assistance is required, please head over to, a small forum that contains many answers about this mod, because TheMadGod themselves was on it. I doubt any new posts would be responded to, but you can look through the old stuff and see if you can't find what you're looking for.