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Fixes a bug in Great House Dagoth, making it so other corprus creatures will actually not attack you. A MWSE-Lua mod.

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Great House Dagoth is known for its bugginess. One bug, however, which I was particularly annoyed by, was how Corprus creatures would still attack me even though I was part of their faction. I passed this off as them being thoughtless destroyers or something, but no, there actually was a script to pacify them. The problem is, the script read as follows: "Creature ID"->setfight 10. What that does is find one, particular thing of such an ID, and make it non-hostile. This is fine for unique people, like the dagoths, but for generic enemies a bunch will spawn in later and still attack you. To remedy all that, I made a nice Lua script, that pacifies the creatures if you have gotten the journal entry that you have succumbed to Corprus ("My body has been twisted..."). Just plop the CalmCorprusFix folder into MWSE/mods, easy peasy. 

The mod also features a whitelist, so you can pick what is affected. By default, it includes everything targeted in the original CalmCorprus script. I should point out that if you add something and then remove it, and you have encountered it, it will stay non-hostile; this is almost never a big deal, so I really don't care. Also, the non-hostility never goes away after the Journal entry; if there is a condition in which the actual mod would reverse this, please let me know and I will incorporate it. 

Thanks to TheMadGod, without whose original GHD this obviously would not have been possible. 

In the future, I may start working on other bugs of GHD; such a patching project, if it includes other bits of Lua, would most likely include this mod.