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Adds three more sabers: Silver, glass and ebony.

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This mod adds the silver saber, glass saber and ebony saber. I put a few around the map, as well as in leveled item lists. There's also some unique variants, which i'll detail below. I've included _sh meshes, so they work quite well with the Weapon Sheathing mod.

The ebony and silver sabers use the same mesh as their iron counterpart, whereas the glass saber uses the steel one's mesh. As for the textures, I just edited the vanilla textures using Gimp and saved them as new files. The sheath meshes for the silver and glass sabers are the same as the ones made by Heinrich for the weapon sheathing mod. For the ebony sheath, I basically extended the sheath to cover the full length of the blade.
Special thanks to JadisGod from Reddit for helping me get the mesh to work.

Their stats are:
Silver: 14 weight, 560 health, 110 value, 4 enchantment.
Chop: 4-20
Slash: 1-18
Thrust: 1-5

Glass: 8 weight, 400 health, 16000 value, 5.5 enchantment.
Chop: 6-33
Slash: 4-24
Thrust: 1-4

Ebony: 32 weight, 1500 health, 21500 value, 14 enchantment.
Chop: 8-34
Slash: 6-28
Thrust: 1-6