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Expands the vanilla Quick Menu by adding different hotkeys for holding or double tapping a button and/or when holding a specific button. All hotkeys use the same keys as in vanilla. In total there can now be 81 different hotkeyed items/spells. Requires MWSE 2.1

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  • Hotkeys are separated into three groups when holding no button, or by default left shift or left alt. You can change these keys to any button you like.
  • Hotkeys can be a single tap, hold, or double tap.
  • Hotkeys use the same settings as in vanilla, so you can also set them to mouse buttons.
  • You can hotkey any item that can be equipped or used, any spell, or any enchanted item or scroll.
  • Add hotkeys by opening the vanilla Quick Menu.
  • I may add hotkeys for any button, but currently it uses the same ones as in vanilla.

Recommended Mods

  1. Make sure you have the latest MGE XE and MWSE 2.1.
  2. Drop the MWSE folder inside your Morrowind/Data files folder or install with a mod organizer.

  • Requires MWSE to work, so it is currently incompatible with OpenMW.
  • Should be compatible with all mods.

  • Thanks to NullCascade and other developers of MWSE.