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A new land, little larger than Solstheim with eventually as much content as Bloodmoon (if not more).

Permissions and credits

An island based off of what I imagine Esroniet might be like, as described in the book Disaster at Ionith from Oblivion. Quests are currently dummied-out, but will be re-enabled once they are all completed.

For the sake of lore and progression, Esroniet should only be reachable from your most eastward landmass.
-If you do not have Tamriel Rebuilt or Lyithdonea installed, use the vanilla version.
-If you have Lyithdonea installed (whether or not you have Tamriel Rebuilt installed), use the Lyithdonea version.
-If you have Tamriel Rebuilt installed and do not have Lyithdonea installed, use the Tamriel Rebuilt version.
All versions require Bloodmoon, Tribunal, and the Morrowind Code Patch.  

The suspicious sailor who will take you to Esroniet is located around the Omaren Ancestral Tomb of Vvardenfell in the vanilla version,  around the Port of Lyithdonea for the Lyithdonea version, and south of Fort Ubermoth along the coast in the Tamriel Rebuilt version.

Although it is currently incomplete, I encourage you to explore it and provide me with feedback. At the very least, it will spruce up your distant land if you use it.

Special Thanks to:
  • Karatekid5 for the texturing questions.
  • AlekseiAlatin for the large tower resources.
  • Reizeron for the modders resources such as the Crabshell Helm and Blind Slaughterfish.
  • MelchiorDahrk for permission to create a Lyithdonea version.
  • TamrielRebuiltTeam for permission to create a Tamriel Rebuilt version.
  • darkelfguy for the Modathons
  • Digmen for Luminescent Flora.
  • Bethesda for making the models and textures.
  • Nifscope for making Luminescent Flora possible 
  • michael163377 for making Glowing Bitter Coast, which has the glow maps used for Luminescent Flora.
  • Bethesda for Morrowind, the rest of the Elder Scrolls games, and support of the modding community in general.

Current Known Issues:
  • Not all Exteriors have Interiors.
  • Some interiors have rain inside of them when it is raining outside. MW Code Patch + ceiling statics will fix this, just haven't done it everywhere yet.

OpenMW Issues:
  • Some scripts use vanilla Morrowind functions that have been removed from OpenMW. Fail-safes have been implemented, but they aren't as graceful (I.E. NPC will teleport to the sewers after a few seconds instead of diving off of the balcony and sinking down to the sewer entrance). Vanilla Morrowind is being prioritized, but OpenMW isn't being ignored.
  • Custom beast race's feet and hands do not appear in OpenMW (Still looking into this one, let me know if you know a solution).
  • Some NPCs can sit in Vanilla, but float in the air in OpenMW. If I cannot get them to clip through the earth in OpenMW, I'll replace
  • sitting NPCs with standing NPCs in an OpenMW version.