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Adds new enchanted items to leveled lists

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Made for Modathon 2020

*NEW for June2021* Added Danae's edit for Wares compatibility to optional files for now.
Will put it in main download in bain format in the next version.
Requires esm from Wares

Random Enchantment Encounters Expanded Enhanced

release version 2

A mod for TES3: Morrowind
by Stripes

Adds new enchanted items to leveled lists

In an effort to keep Vanilla balance (lol), I put all my items in my own
new leveled lists, then placed those leveled lists into the appropriate
vanilla lists. What this means is there is a lower chance to get the new
items than vanilla items.

I changed only 2 vanilla enchantments, light_en and Free action_en, because
they are useless, light_en is now cast on self instead of target and free
action_en is now resist paralyze instead of remove paralyze. How are you
supposed to cast a spell if youre paraylzed lol?

If you dont want these changes to vanilla content for some reason then
you can safely delete my changes from my esp using TESAME or whatever
plugin editor you prefer, I am not making an alt esp at this time :P

This conflicts with Better Enchantments but can be resolved by loaded
Better Enchantments after this. (Thankyou Danae for this information).

Also included as an optional addon is H.E.L.L.U.V.A. Merchant Containers
support. If you wish merchants to stock more of the new items than the
vanilla leveled lists allow. Load it after the base mod and activate
the Helluva Merchant Containers ESM.

Merge your leveled lists using whatever app you prefer ( Tes3Merge,
Wrye Mash, TesTool, etc. )

Suggestions are welcome as i will be adding some more items in future updates.

Permissions: Do not use this in your own mods without permission unless I have
not responed or been active in the community for a reasonable amount of time
( in that case assume im dead and you can do whatever ;) as i will slowly be
making some updates whenever i can.

added more stuff to esp :P
made a simple optional mwse addon module

REEEE.esp itself does not require MWSE to be used, this MWSE addon is optional.
This addon module will add by chance a random scroll, ring, amulet, belt, or soul gem to NPCs
This chance happens every time a NPC is loaded, so best to set a low chance for game balance.
NPCs with slave bracers are ignored. Dead NPCs are NOT ignored.
With any luck you may find a goody by defeating a bandit, finding a corpse, or pick-pocketing someone.

Added Danae's edit for Wares compatibility to optional files for now. Will put it in main download in bain format in the next version.
requires esm from Wares

An incomplete list of items added by this mod, I'll try to finish it up when life allows:

new scrolls

Scroll of Corrosion
Scroll of The Dark Storm
Scroll of Evasion
Scroll of Fracture
Scroll of Exuberant Motion
Scroll of Perpetration
Scroll of Purification
Scroll of Wild Rebound
Scroll of Traction

cheaper and less powerful variants of vanilla scrolls

Cheap Alvusia's Warping Scroll
Cheap Scroll of The Argent Glow
Cheap Scroll of Bloodfire
Cheap Scroll of Averted Eyes
Cheap Scroll of Celerity
Cheap Scroll of Water Breath
Cheap Scroll of Fire Burst
Cheap Scroll of Frost Burst
Cheap Scroll of Shock Burst
Cheap Gambler's Prayer Scroll
Cheap Scroll of Insight
Cheap Scroll of Invisibility
Cheap Scroll of Light
Cheap Ondusi's Unhinging Scroll
Cheap Scroll of Restoration
Cheap Scroll of Vigor
Cheap Scroll of Vitality

simple low powered one use enchantments scrawled onto plain paper

Scrawl of Rest - value 5 - restore fatigue 2 for 30 seconds
Scrawl of Healing - value 5 - restore health 1 for 10 seconds
Scrawl of Magicka Restore - value 5 -restore magicka 1 for 10 seconds
Scrawl of Wild Rest - value 5 - restore fatigue 10-100
Scrawl of Wild Healing - value 5 - restore health 5-25
Scrawl of Wild Magicka Restore - value 5 -restore magicka 5-25

Scrawl of Agility - value 25 - restore attribute 1
Scrawl of Endurance - value 25 - restore attribute 1
Scrawl of Intelligence - value 25 - restore attribute 1
Scrawl of Luck - value 25 - restore attribute 1
Scrawl of Personality - value 25 - restore attribute 1
Scrawl of Speed - value 25 - restore attribute 1
Scrawl of Strength - value 25 - restore attribute 1
Scrawl of Willpower - value 25 - restore attribute 1

Amulets of the Divines

Amulet of Akatosh Wisdom - value 130 - fortify unarmored 5 duration 90 - cost 50 charge 55
Amulet of Arkay Wisdom - value 130 - fortify conjuration 5 duration 90 - cost 50 charge
Amulet of Dibella Wisdom - value 130 - fortify restoration 5 duration 90 - cost 50 charge
Amulet of Julianos Wisdom - value 130 - fortify alteration 5 duration 90 - cost 50 charge
Amulet of Kynareth Wisdom - value 130 - fortify mysticism 5 duration 90 - cost 50 charge
Amulet of Mara Wisdom - value 130 - fortify illusion 5 duration 90 - cost 50 charge
Amulet of Stendar Wisdom - value 130 - fortify armorer 5 duration 90 - cost 50 charge
Amulet of Talos Wisdom - value 130 - fortify speechcraft 5 duration 90 - cost 50 charge
Amulet of Zenithar Wisdom - value 130 - fortify mercantile 5 duration 90 - cost 50 charge


Amulet of Consumption
Amulet of Crying Eye
Amulet of Discharge
Amulet of Enterprise
Amulet of Seryn's Blessing
Amulet of Iron Will
Belt of Accuracy
Belt of Martial Craft
Belt of Stalking
Thieves Belt
Ring of Golden Wisdom
Ring of Green Wisdom
Ring of Red Wisdom
Ring of Silver Wisdom
Ring of Sublime Wisdom
Ring of Unseen Wisdom
Ring of Exuberant Motion
Ring of subdue
Robe of the Begger
Robe of the Adventurer
Robe of the Traveller
Robe of the Conjurer
Robe of the Assassin
Robe of Fluid Evasion
Common Hlaalu Robe
Common Telvanni Robe
Shoes of Sight
Shirt of Fleetness
Ashlander Hide
Feather Skirt


Newtscale of the Fourth Barrier
Imperial Cuirass of Subdue
Imperial Archer Helm
Helm of Sublime Wisdom
Shield of Llivam's Reversal
Assassin Helm
Black Hand Gauntlet
Ancestral Boneguard Gauntlet
Bonemold Boots of Withstanding
Bonemold Cuirass of Fortitude
Chitin Shielded Cuirass
Chitin Boots of St Merris Rest
Greaves of St Merris Rest
Wild Fire Gauntlet
Netch Fighter's Helm
Cloth Left Bracer of Shield
Cloth Right Bracer of Shield
Cuirass of Nimbleness
Shield of Denial
Nordic Boots of Camoflauge
Nordic Fighter Helm
Nordic Fur Greaves of the Wind
Nordic Fur Boots of Wind
Heavy Leather Running Boots
Father's Left Hand
Five Fingers of Pain Guantlet
Shielded Iron Helmet
Iron Boots of Distance
Shield of Vitality
Orcish Greaves of Free Action
Nordic Stolid Iron Cuirass
Steel Boots of Firmness


Arrow of Crying Eye
Arrow of Burning Light
Arrow of Soothing Strike
Bolt of Crying Eye
Bolt of Burning Light
Bolt of Soothing Strike
Axe Elemental Fire Burst
Axe Elemental Frost Burst
Axe Elemental Shock Burst
Mace of Elemental Fire Burst
Mace of Elemental Frost Burst
Mace of Elemental Shock Burst
Adamantium Firebloom Sword
Adamantium Frostbloom Sword
Adamantium Shockbloom Sword
Short Blade of Burning Light
Chitin Club of Consumption
Chitin Club of Devouring
Chitin Club of Doze
Chitin Club of Discharge
Chitin Dagger of Darkness
Chitin Dagger of Weariness
Chitin Dagger of Doze
Chitin Dagger of Levitation
Chitin Dagger of Illumination
Chitin Dagger of Discharge
Chitin Dagger of Shadow Sight
Chitin Dagger of Ondusi
Chitin Dagger of Reynos' Fins
Chitin Strider Dagger
Chitin Shortsword of Doze
Chitin Shortsword of Discharge
Chitin Jinkblade
Chitin Spear of Wild Bungling
Chitin Spear of Wild Weariness
Chitin Spear of Wild Stammer
Chitin Spear of Wild Blunder
Chitin Spear of Wild Lagging
Chitin Spear of Wild Weakening
Chitin Spear of Wild Apathy
Chitin War Axe of Burning
Chitin War Axe of Frostbite
Dwarven Jink Spear
Ebony Poisonbloom Sword
Ebony Jink Spear
Glass Claymore of Accuracy
Glass Halberd of Accuracy
Glass Staff of Accuracy
Glass Staff of Burning Light
Glass War Axe of Accuracy
Imperial Broadsword of Subdue
Iron Jink Spear
Iron Saber of Illumination
Iron Club of Accuracy
Iron Club of Minions
Iron Shortsword of Accuracy
Iron Wakizashi of Accuracy
Long Bow of Accuracy
Shouting Sword
Nordic Battle Axe of Accuracy
Silver Jink Spear
Silver Longsword of Accuracy
Silver Longsword of Subdue
Silver Shortsword of Subdue
Silver Staff of Burning
Silver War Axe of Accuracy
Spiked Club of Accuracy
Sword of Burning Blade
Sword of Freezing Pain
Blade of Toxic Injection
Steel Katana of Conjuring
Steel Shortsword of Accuracy
Steel Spear of Subdue
Steel Wakizashi of Accuracy
Broken Staff
Wooden Staff of Bungling
Wooden Staff Wild of Bungling
Wooden Staff of Weariness
Wooden Staff of Wild Weariness
Wooden Staff of Stammer
Wooden Staff Wild of Stammer
Wooden Staff of Blunder
Wooden Staff of Wild Blunder
Wooden Staff of Lagging
Wooden Staff of Wild Lagging
Wooden Staff of Weakening
Wooden Staff of Wild Weakening
Wooden Staff of Apathy
Wooden Staff of Wild Apathy
Wooden Staff of Conjuring
Wooden Staff of Distraction
Staff of Mage Block
Staff of Wizzards Fire