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Improves many enchants in the game by replacing Cast On Use with Constant Effect variants. But with discretion and rebalancing some unique enchants.

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Update: version 1.1 fixes some enchants that weren't constant and improves some rare items that felt weak.

Improves enchantments by converting most of the annoying and mostly useless Cast On Use enchants into Constant Effects enchants. But with more discretion than other mods by focusing on Self buff enchants and leaving On Target/Touch enchants alone for the most part. And some balancing tweaks for unique weapon/armor enchants.

Cast On Use for self buffs felt clunky and unrewarding, considering you could just cast those spells if you desired or use potions. Enchant feels like it needs constant effect. It feels more rewarding and offers more gameplay options now!

Also includes Tamriel Rebuilt version, install it if you use Tamriel Rebuilt and want the enchants to get the same treatment. (Note: you need both .esps activated if you use the TR one.)

The general rules used when changing enchantments from Cast On Use to Constant Effect:

  • For the most part, only Cast On Use enchants that were self buffs have been changed. Cast On Use enchants that are on target/touch and generally offensive, have been left alone. This is a little less drastic of a change than other Cast On Use B Gone mods.
  • Restore Fatigue and Restore Health have been changed to Fortify Fatigue and Fortify Health. Except for some cases, such as low level Restore Healths that are useful for starting off and high level uniques that have kept their Restore Fatigue/Health but into toned town constant effect.
  • Cure Poison/Disease etc. have been replaced to Resist Poison/Disease etc. in some cases. Some still exist as on use for players who don't use Alchemy or Restoration. But most are now constant effects.
  • Some enchants will be stronger and some will be weaker. Generally Cast On Use enchants that had less valuable effects have only been slightly toned down (i.e. utility effects like Detect or Feather) and more valuable effects (such as Shield effects or Fortify Attributes) have been toned down more (generally halved) when converting them to constant effect. The exception here is a few high level uniques/rare items.
  • Sanctuary and Chamaleon have been toned down a lot but there is quite a few sources of them on constant effect now that you can still get a respectable amount if you get them on various pieces.
  • Bound Weapon/Armor effects have been removed on weapons and armor items. So Fiend/Devil weapons no longer have Bound Weapon. They've all been replaced with Fortify Attack to still make them valuable. I've never though Bound spells made much sennse on armor and weapons and they were almost an exploit that give a disproportionate power increase and made Conjuration feel less valuable overall.
  • Some Cast On Use weapons (mainly anything that isn't a staff) are now Cast On Strike instead.
  • A small number of uniques have been slightly rebalanced, there are some examples below.

See readme for extra details.


Extract the archive into your Morrowind installation directory. The mod should
contain the following files:
    .\Data Files\Better Enchantments.esp
    .\Data Files\Better Enchantments TR.esp (Note: Only install this if you are using Tamriel Rebuilt, both need to be activated in this case).


 1.1 [2019-09-07]:
    * Fixes some enchantments that weren't constant effects
    * Improves some rare items (like Fury) that were a little too weak

 1.0 [2019-09-02]:
    * Initial release.


Incompatible with anything that also modifies enchants, but this does NOT touch weapon
or armor records. So you can safely use this with other weapon/armor overhauls.