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Keeps the girls in Desele's from dancing off the stage by making them not greet the player as he approaches them.

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´╗┐No More Stage Diving - Desele's Dancing Girls

You may have noticed that the dancing girls in Desele's House of Earthly Delights in Suran have a tendency to dance off the stage. This mod keeps them in place, simply by preventing them from greeting the player as he approaches them. Why? Because I noticed that they are constantly moving around while dancing, but always circling around their starting position - but when they greet the player, their current position becomes the new focal point of their dancing, and that's what causes their occasional crowd surfing. By setting their "Hello" value to 0, they don't greet the player any more and dance undisturbed at their original position.

This is done with a very simple script, so the mod also works if you've already visited Desele's and interacted with the girls. The other thing this mod does is assigning the dancingGirlScript to the two girls that don't have it in the vanilla game (only Marelle has it and will only give a short answer when talked to, but the player can have normal conversations with the other two). If you don't like that, use the "NoMoreStageDiving_TalkativeGirls.esp".


Just extract one of the two esp files in your Data Files folder and enable it. Use only one!

If you already visited Desele's and the girls have already changed their positions, use the "ResetActors" or just "RA" console command while you are in the cell to return them to their original positions. After that, they should remain in place.

There is a bug in vanilla Morrowind that causes NPCs to shift from their original position after some time. As this is related to idle animations I don't know if the girls are also affected by this, since they use a different animation file. In any case, this bug is fixed in Patch for Purists.

This mod can be disabled without issues, and in fact the dancing girls' references are stored in the savegame as soon as Desele's is entered because of the script modifying them, so it will still work even when the plugin is disabled. That also means that reverting back to the vanilla behaviour is only possible with a savegame editor or with console commands.

Should be compatible with anything that doesn't edit the dancing girls. The "TalkativeGirls" plugin should be compatible with absolutely everything.

This mod will most likely only work with the English Version of Morrowind because the cell has a different name in other countries. Translated plugins for the German version are available as separate download.

This mod and all its components can be used freely (within Morrowind), no need to ask for permission.