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Adds Dark Brotherhood armor to the members of the faction in Vvardenfell.

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What is something that can be perceived with one of your senses - of life? Something edgy related to death, my brother.

This mod adds Dark Brotherhood armor to those members of the faction who are in Vvardenfell. (And thus, existed before the publication of the Tribunal expansion, which adds Dark Brotherhood armor into the game.)

NPCs modified:

Ald Sotha: Severa Magia, Nidara Herendus
Assernerairan: Durus Marius, Sovisa Adas
Ularradallaku: Inganar, Uradras Sadalas
Assarnatamat: Thovasi Alen

Methodology used for determining who should get the armor, and which pieces:

1. Since some of the people at the Mehrunes Dagon shrines are just cultists, and not Dark Brotherhood members, not everyone at those places should get the armor - not to mention that it would hurt the balance of the game, if they all got it.

2. People who are named Dark Brotherhood members by vanilla dialogue got it, except for those who can be seen at public, like Movys Daris and Tsrazami - They wouldn't want to call attention to themselves.

3. Since the number of those who get it would be too low with only this, also those people got it who are named Dark Brotherhood members by Caeris' excellent mod, Vvardenfell Brotherhood.

4. Furthermore, people also got it who belong to the assassin class or something similar.

5. This makes the number of people seven altogether. Everybody else is considered to be a Mehrunes Dagon cultist.

6. For the sake of balance, the seven NPCs get the same pieces of Dark Brotherhood armor as they have of their vanilla armor. (E.g.: A person has a netch leather cuirass, greaves and boots - they get Dark Brotherhood cuirass, greaves and boots: no pauldrons or gauntlets) The only exception to this rule is Severa Magia, who is the leader, and thus deserves a whole set (without the helmet).


It should be compatible with pretty much everything that does not touch those NPCs. "Everything" includes Caeris' Vvardenfell Brotherhood mod. (It does not touch those NPCs) In fact, it's highly recommended that you play my mod together with that!

To Serve Sithis already adds Dark Brotherhood armor to several members, so it's not necessary to have this mod if you have that.

It should be compatible with any mod that modifies the vanilla Dark Brotherhood armor, as long as the ID of the armors is kept instead of just putting new armor into the game with completely different IDs.



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