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This mod improves the Talos Cult shrine in the Gnisis legion barracks in an attempt to give a more interesting depiction of the cult.

Permissions and credits
This is my edit of Cheydin's Talos Cult Revised mod. The original mod overhauled the Talos Cult shrine in Gnisis in a superb way, however it had a Tamriel_Data dependency. My aim was to replace all the assets taken over from Tamriel_Data with vanilla ones, and at the same time stay true to the original author's vision as much as possible. Now, non-TR people can enjoy this excellent mod too. You'll only need Morrowind and the two expansions to run it.

The shrine looks more or less the same as in the original mod. (See screenshots) The stone altar is replaced with a wooden table, as it seemed to be odd in vanilla that they could carry such a huge stone altar down to this small storage room. Now it looks like a patchwork altar by a secret cult in the obscure corner of a building, as it should always have been. The tapestry from Tamriel_Data is replaced by the vanilla Imperial Dragon tapestry. The clutter is replaced with vanilla equivalents, and those books that were taken over from Tamriel_Data are replaced with vanilla books about Talos. The unique "Talosian Steel Helm" on the shrine stayed, as it is an asset made by Turelek, and not part of Tamriel_Data.

As in the original mod, the casket with the conspiracy note is on the shelf instead of the shrine, and got a 70 lock. You may still be able to complete General Darius' quest as usual.


Cheydin - Author of the original mod, who allows everyone to modify his mod
Turelek - Helmet model used in the original mod, which is not part of Tamriel_Data
Rats from Tamriel Rebuilt for developing the Talos Cult (Just like in the original, Tamriel Rebuilt lore is still used in this mod, it's just the Tamriel_Data assets that were replaced by vanilla ones)
Tamriel_Data dependency was removed with Wrye Mash