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A two-story shack home nestled in a swampy grove.

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In vanilla Morrowind, a lonely dock and a bridge connecting two small islands, stood without rhyme or reason, until now; speak with Raflod the Braggart for more information. Smuggler's Run does not only add a two story shack for player's to use, but also improves upon Bethesda's bland exterior landscaping as well. The shack is not a luxury suite, nor a cheat house; expect to spent sometime cleaning the mess and rearranging items. Although it's not a hard requirement, it's highly suggested that Perfect Placement be used in conjunction with this mod.

- A two story shack 
- plenty of storage space and new items
- improved landscape (two small islands east of Seyda Neen)

- Please don't upload anywhere else.
- Please ask before including this mod in your project.

- Install Perfect Placement
- Make sure your MGEXE are up to date with the current build.
- Drop the contents of this mod into your Data Files, and regenerate your distant land/grass with MGEXE.
- If you're using the latest version of Remiros' Groundcover (1.4+), a patched version has been included with the necessary adjustments; no meshes or textures    have been included, so you'll still need to download them from the original mod page.  

- Thanks to Londonrook and the Outlander project for its numerous assets.
- Thanks to Resdayn Revival/Siberian Crab for the two story shack.
- Thanks to R-Zero for the open steel helm.
- Thanks to Remiros' for his excellent groundcover.
- Thanks to Wanderer for the dock hoist.

1.1 - Fixed a few floaters and changed new dialogue from "latest rumors" to "little advice" (thanks Tizzo)
1.5 - Added an optional esp that allows Smuggler's Run and Random Pal's Seyda Neen grass edits to work together.