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This patch reverts most of the gameplay changes of Morrowind Rebirth, rebalances the new weapons and armours to fit in a vanilla environment better, and optionally fixes the terrain and transportation issues with Tamriel Rebuilt.

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Do you love Morrowind Rebirth's landscape changes? Do you hate the restricted gameplay? Do you want to run Tamriel Rebuilt alongside Morrowind Rebirth with little to no problems? Look no further, this patch is for you!

I've always been an adorer of Trancemaster_1988's Morrowind Rebirth and Tamriel Rebuilt Team's Tamriel Rebuilt. These two huge and gorgeous mods sadly don't get along nicely, and neither of the authors seemed to care to make their mods compatible with the other one. This is my attempt on making two mods work better with each other.


This patch reverts the changes that have been done on vanilla weapons, armours, clothings and miscellaneous items. Additionally, it tweaks the weapons and armours added by Morrowind Rebirth to rebalance them to vanilla level so they won't be over/underpowered.

Normally when you try to run Morrowind Rebirth with Tamriel Rebuilt, you would see distorded and teared landscape between the borders of Vvardenfell and Mainland Morrowind. You would also have problems with fast travel services that would unable you to take a boat to the Mainland. The TR patch fixes these issues.


Extract one of the ESP files into the Data Files folder. Do not use both of them!

If you have the Tamriel Rebuilt mod, use the ESP with the [TR] tag on it. Otherwise, use the other one.

Disable the main Morrowind Rebirth plugin and activate this one instead. You can keep the optional Morrowind Rebirth plugins if you want.


Morrowind -> Tribunal and Bloodmoon -> Tamriel Rebuilt (if you use the TR patch) -> Morrowind Rebirth Patch -> Morrowind Rebirth Optional Plugins (optional) -> Anything Else


Added the TR patch.
Made the patch a replacer to the main esp rather than an overwriter to make it work better.

Fixed the remaining landscape issues on the TR Preview territories and Azura Coast.
Fixed several script bugs.
Fixed a mercenary dialogue bug that caused every single NPC to act like mercenaries.
Readded the unintentionally deleted assets.

Included all of the reverts from the original LITE patch of MR. This includes:

* Command Humanoid, Command Creature, Fortify Skill, Fortify Attribute, Drain Health, Damage Health, Invisibility are once again available for spellmaking and enchantning.
* The Sword of White Woe can once again be found inside Balmora, Eastern Guard Tower and Suran, West Guard Tower (former
Suran, Guardtower)

* The left Fist of Randagulf can now be found along with the Right Fist inside Ilunibi, Soul's Rattle.
* Scamps, Ogrims, Golden Saints and Winged Twilights once again roam the Grazelands.
* Ernand Thierry in Caldera Guild of Mages no longer guards the Master's Mortar and Pestle.
* Summoned creatures now have the same soul value as their vanilla counterparts.
* Creeper and the Mudcrab Merchant now has the vanilla amount of gold available.
* Golden Saints and Ascended Sleepers now have their orignal soul values.
* The Iron Shardaxe close to the Seyda Neen Lighthouse has been restored.
* The Limeware Platter in Census and Excise Office has been restored
* Grand Soulgems are no longer limited and will spawn in leveled lists.
* Vendors like Alchemists now restock alchemy ingredients.

This patch is for Morrowind Rebirth 5.0 and Tamriel Rebuilt 19.12