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If the guards of the Imperial Legion see you carrying the Daedric Crescent, they will attack you, because the weapon was supposed to be illegal in the Empire.

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As Melchior Dahrk's Gameplay vs. Text list on The Assimilation Lab pointed it out, according to the in-game book Tamrielic Lore, the Daedric Crescent blade was supposed to be illegal in the Empire. However, in the vanilla game no one cared if you carried it. This mod changes that, and Imperial Legionnaires will attack you in they see you carrying it. Why only them? Because the Dunmer guards don't care about this desire of vengeance of the n'wah against the carriers of the blade enough to risk their lives for confiscating the item from a mighty warrior or mage who could acquire it.

The script works similarly to the vanilla Ordinator armor script. It should be fine to have the blade in your inventory, but if it is visible (you equip it) and talk with an Imperial guard, they attack.

The mod is clean and bug-free.


- It adds a global, a script, attaches it to the artifact, and adds one dialogue for Imperial Legion guards, so it must be compatible with pretty much everything, even No one is Above the Law, which makes guards confiscate all your contraband upon arrest.
- It is also compatible with Morrowind Rebirth, because it never hurts to point this out

Update May 1, 2020:

- Added an alternative version, which uses the dialogue suggested by SpaceDevo in the comments, instead of mine, so that you would have more choices to customize your Eclipse of the Crescent Blade experience. Have only one of the versions active at any given time, obviously.

Update Jun 3, 2023 (created by qwertyquit):

- The two .esp-s are merged into one and now both dialogues have an equal chance of triggering
- If you're a member of the Imperial Legion, you will also be expelled, if a fellow legionnaire witnesses you carrying the blade