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  1. xN1NJAWOLFx
    • premium
    • 73 posts
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    Anyone who wants to get away that stupid OP waiting 1 hour to heal to full HP issue this mod comes with. Download TimeScale Friendly Purist Health and Magicka Regen .
    The mod disables scripted healing which is supposed to avoid double healing with vanilla and the mods health regain I think. But the plus side to this. It disables the healing on wait that this injury mod has. 

    personally, since im playing with scaling difficulty. If I hit level 50. I will have +150% difficulty. So somewhere around either 200% or 250% difficulty. So the health regain kinda balances out since I wont have that much gold for a long time, due to having two mods to make trading even harder. Like I get maybe 5 or 10% of a base items gold back at my current level 20 trade skill. While things cost 2x to 3x the amount depending on the trader's level. 

    Hopefully, this helps some people as I notice a few people complaining at how much this mod heals the player.

    (PS Im pretty sure you need to activate the mod I linked before activating this mod, other wise this mod will activate the script and negate the other mod)

    EDIT: My solution is kinda random. If you wanna balance out the healing this mod gives for waiting, you mine as well just increase the difficulty. Which will negate the money saved from spam healing. You can also download a mod to reset enemy HP in a cell to prevent cheese waiting
  2. Z0oka
    • member
    • 95 posts
    • 1 kudos
    OpenMW compatible?
  3. inpv
    • member
    • 155 posts
    • 12 kudos
    Why does my character's strength always get damaged with this mod, no matter how long I heal?
  4. RacerPlume
    • member
    • 117 posts
    • 23 kudos
    Fantastic! I made the Bodily Injuries mod and the main weakness is that my injuries only affect the Player. I don't know how to make mods with MWSE so I was limited. I love how this mod affects NPCs too. If you're looking for suggestions, I made my injuries a little random with a range to detrimental affects for head, chest, arm and leg injuries. In addition, each body area can suffer three tiers of injuries (leg wound, serious leg wound, grievous leg wound). I can't remember the specifics but a "head wound" might affect your agility and intelligence a little bit while a "grievous head wound" would affect the same attributes more and also come with a range of "blind" and "sound" effects so you have trouble seeing and there's a ringing in your ears.
    1. sabinaguerrero
      • member
      • 169 posts
      • 0 kudos
      are your mod and this one compatible? 
  5. cloxx3
    • member
    • 38 posts
    • 1 kudos
    Hello and thank you for a great mod.

    Is it possible to prevent healing while resting? Or, preferably, to disable all the changes to healing system made by this mod, while keeping the injuries mechanic?

    Thanks in advance!
  6. AetherSeraph9
    • member
    • 457 posts
    • 5 kudos
    I'm really liking this so far. The default regen settings are too fast for my tastes, so the wide variety of customization options for it are very much appreciated. You can really tweak it to be as fast or as slow as you want. I'm not using the injuries system (thank you for making it optional!), but it's still a great idea and I do like how "lite" it is, though that doesn't mean expansions to it wouldn't be welcome.

    And a quick question: do I need the plugin for this mod if I'm not using the option for injuries? It looks like it just adds the debuff effects so I assume not...? Just checking. EDIT: After testing it seems like it's required regardless.
  7. SpaceDevo
    • member
    • 2,080 posts
    • 104 kudos
    Some suggestions:

  8. joshl77
    • supporter
    • 474 posts
    • 7 kudos
    All of your mods are fantastic - thank you!!
  9. Danae123
    • premium
    • 1,745 posts
    • 231 kudos
    Gave this a go and really enjoyed it. I love how health regen is handled. Injuries are very punishing right now.
    I'd love to see random stat damage per injury as Corsair suggested, and add proportional resting time to recover (I guess an hour or rest for each attribute point?)
    Endorsed and definitely going to my August Hightlights list!
  10. Corsair83
    • premium
    • 869 posts
    • 51 kudos
    I tried this out and it's great, but I feel it could use a little more randomness. I feel that the "injuries" should be ranged between 1-10pts, for example, rather than a flat rate of 10. This gives injuries a sense that they're varying degrees, and not all the same; getting hit in the head shouldn't be the same as jumping off a sloping hill. Overall, I'm enjoying it so - a mod I've waited a long, long time for! Keep up the good work!
    1. Aracelliy
      • supporter
      • 98 posts
      • 7 kudos
      A little more randomness and the notion of "stacking" injuries would be cool. Also I think I'll separate fall damage from the rest of it so that it only causes leg/body injuries maybe. But glad to hear you are enjoying it! I'm focused on Next Generation Combat work right now but when I'll get around to updating this after that.
    2. Corsair83
      • premium
      • 869 posts
      • 51 kudos
      Yeah, it's a great framework with what's already here, and I am enjoying it a lot. I already tweaked it myself in the CS, to experiment with variables; so, we'll see how that goes. Additionally, I think more "injury" types would be great, rather than umbrella terms like "head injury" - but I look forward to future updates. Next gen Combat is already a mainstay for me, so I look forward to whatever you cook up next!