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No more drinking over 9000 potions! No more alchemical exploits! No more useless poisons! Poison weapons and throw poison bottles! Rebalancing potion brewing formulas. Beautiful potions icons.

Permissions and credits
This mod is part of 4NM - Total Gameplay Overhaul

Be sure to update MWSE to the latest version!

For this mod, it is assumed that the player automatically has all the mentioned perks.

Potion Drinking Limit

Restricts the bottomless belly of the Nerevarine. End your over 9000 potion survival in one fell swoop.
When you eat an ingredient or potion, your belly fills up to 40
- Alchemy / 10 if the Alchemy perk is taken
This value cannot be lower than 30.
Maximum belly capacity = 
50 (can be changed in settings) + Base Stamina * 0.5
If the volume is filled in excess of the limit, then you cannot eat more. Every second 1 unit of volume is released. At the same time, the Nerevarine's mouth also has a volume, and it is not unlimited. You eat something - and you need time to swallow it all. Until the time is up, you cannot eat anything else.
Swallowing time = 10
- 2 if you have the Speed ​​perk
- Speed ​​/ 20
The time for swallowing cannot be less than 2 seconds.
So, ideally, you have 3 seconds to swallow the potion, and fill the volume 30/100 with each potion you drink. That is, you can drink 4 potions almost nonstop.

Potion brewing

When brewing potions, only the player's basic parameters are now taken into account. The formulas are completely replaced (you can disable the alchemy module in the settings and then the vanilla engine mechanics will be applied). For each magic effect, the magnitude and duration of the ideal potion that you can brew is determined. You can see them in the section of magic effects. The quality of the devices cannot exceed 2.
Potion power = Alchemy Skill / 2
+ Intellect / 10
+ Mortar quality * 20
+ Luck / 10 if Luck perk is taken
* Coefficient of marriage
The strength of the potion cannot exceed 100. The remainder of the excess is added to the chance of successful brewing.
Magnitude coefficient = 40 (or 60 with the Alchemy perk)
+ Retort quality * 5 (or 10 with Alchemy perk)
+ Calciner Quality * 5 (or 10 with Alchemy perk)
Duration coefficient = 40 (or 60 with the Alchemy perk)
+ Distillation quality * 5 (or 10 with Alchemy perk)
+ Calciner Quality * 5 (or 10 with Alchemy perk)
Successful brewing chance = Alchemy Skill * 50% (or 100% with the Alchemy perk)
+ Intellect / 5
+ Agility / 5
+ Mortar quality * 20
+ Luck * 10% (or 30% with the Luck perk)
+ Remainder from exceeding the Power of the potion
- (Quality retort + calciner + alembic) * 20 (or 10 with Alchemy perk)
When you try to brew a potion, you will see all of these options in the alchemy menu.

Potion Magnitude = Ideal * Potion Strength% * Magnitude Factor% / Refining Factor
Potion duration = Ideal * Potion Power% * Duration Rate% / Purification Rate
The purification factor is used only for negative effects of potions and positive effects of poisons (if a green drop is visible in the interface, then you are brewing poison). 
Purification factor = 1 + Distillation factor * 1 for duration (or 2 for magnitude)
Distillation ratio = Distillation quality * 0.5 (or 1 with Alchemy perk)
Potion weight = 0.5 (or 0.3 with the Alchemy > 75)
Potion price = 20 * (2 + the number of beneficial effects - the number of harmful effects) (at least 10 coins)
* Potion Power%
* Coefficient of magnitude%
* Coefficient of duration%
* 0.5 (or 1 if the special Alchemy perk is taken)


Added poison mode (assign a button to enable it in the mod settings). When the mode of poisons is on, you will brew poisons instead of useful potions (that is, your alchemical devices will begin to weaken positive effects and increase negative ones). Also, when the mode of poisons is on, instead of drinking potions / poisons, you will apply them to your weapon. Moreover, each attack with a weapon will have a chance to poison the enemy by a certain percentage of the power of the poison inflicted.
When using poison to lubricate weapons, you will receive a certain amount of poison, and when it is depleted, attacks will stop poisoning the target.
Poison volume = 100 (can be changed in settings) + (Dexterity + Alchemy) * (0.5 or 1 with Alchemy perk)
At full pumping, the amount of poison = 300
The bottle power is the magnitude of the poison bottle, or the duration for non-magnitude effects.
Poison power = bottle power / (6 or 5 if Alchemy perk is taken)
Poison consumption per hit = 100 - Dexterity / (4 or 2 with the Dexterity perk) (but not lower than 50)
Chance of successfully poisoning the target = 50%
+ (Dexterity / 2 + Luck / 4) * (1 or 2 with the Dexterity perk)
- Dexterity target / 2
- Target Luck / 4
- Normal resistance to target poison (but not lower than 0%) / 2
- Target armor / 2

Throwing bottles
Equip the poison with the Alt held down - and instead of smearing your weapon with poison, prepare these bottles for throwing! Change your weapon and the unused bottles will again be turned into regular poison bottles.
The radius of the hitting area of ​​throwing bottles is always 5.
The bottle power is the magnitude of the poison bottle, or the duration for non-magnitude effects.
Poison power = bottle power / (4 or 3 if Alchemy perk is taken)

Convenient interface
Also, in the mod's settings, you can turn on the smart mode for recognizing poisons. A bottle is considered a poison if it has at least 1 negative effect, otherwise it is a potion - and it will be drunk by the player even when the poison mode is on.
Also added a special mode for activating devices without adding them to the inventory (with the button held down). If there are available devices nearby, they will be used for alchemy.

Incompatible with Poison Crafting and Controlled Consumption mods

Have a  question? - find @Axemagister on this channel:      https://discord.gg/SyEu99S