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This mod gets rid of most of the free loot laying around the cities in the game. Not all of it...just most of it.

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Morrowind has a lot of free loot so this mod gets rid of a lot of it. There won't be any more free gold or weapons laying around Seyda Neen. The crates, barrels, and urns in Balmora, Vivec cantons (except the Great House ones) and Pelagiad will be empty. You can store stuff in them, but they will not have loot. Containers with ownership tags on them are not changed, such as the ones in Ald-ruhn.

Containers and miscellaneous items in the Vivec Great House cantons all have ownership tags now if they didn't have any before. The items now belong to their respective Houses, but the contents remain unchanged.

The containers DO NOT include plants - they're still harvestable. St. Delyn and St. Olms containers (not flora) are now empty. There are a couple of unowned urns in Ald-ruhn, which are now empty.

Buckmoth Legion Fort outside containers are all now owned by the Imperial Guard.

The containers around Molag Mar and the silt strider port there are now empty.

Containers outside at Wolverine Hall are now owned by the Imperial Guard.

Besides cities, towns, villages, all four of the large Ashlander camps were checked and ownership tags added where applicable.