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Gives the dwemer mace: Snowy Crown a unique model with different appearances for its sheathed and drawn state if you use Weapon Sheathing.

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  • Polish

With the frozen soul of a Frost Atronach trapped in its core,
the Snowy Crown mace was created by the dwemer
to freeze their opponents in their tracks.


Gives the dwemer mace "Snowy Crown" a unique model. If you use Weapon Sheathing, the special sheathed version of the weapon will reveal its frozen core. When drawn, the Frost Atronach soul freezes over and the ice of the mace becomes opaque and snow discharges from its icy spikes.


To acquire the mace, you can either complete the Telvanni quest "Murder Rimintil" or try your luck to get it from vanilla enchanted item loot.


You are free to use this weapon in your own mods as a resource. Just credit me as the model is created by me.