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Adds several new marksman weapons to the game.

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Part of the Morrowind May Modathon 2019

Hunter's Mark is a mod that adds a lot of new marksman weapons in an attempt to improve progression and fill in the gaps in the vanilla game. It includes new bows, crossbows, arrows, bolts and throwing weapons. All weapons have been seamlessly integrated into the game world via leveled lists and other means. The new Stalhrim items can be crafted in the same way as the vanilla items. All weapons have sheaths and quivers that are compatible with Weapon Sheathing.

New Crossbows:
•Reinforced Crossbow
•Dwarven Arbalest

New Bows:
•Ebony Longbow
•Huntsman Longbow
•Nordic Silver Longbow
•Stalhrim Longbow

New Arrows:
•Bone Arrow
•Goblin Arrow
•Huntsman Arrow
•Stalhrim Arrow
•Orcish Arrow

New Bolts:
•Bone Bolt
•Ebony Bolt
•Ebony Viper Bolt
•Ebony Bolt of Black Death
•Ebony Bolt of Red Death

New Throwing Weapons:
•Glass Dart
•Daedric Throwing Knife
•Silver Throwing Knife

Manual Installation:
Simply drop the contents of the archive into your Data Files folder and activate the esp.

Mod Manager:
The archive has been packaged to work with BAIN.

It's absolutely required that you merge your leveled lists.