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Another basic needs mod. No thirst or whatever — hunger and tiredness only. No new items. No vanilla items changed. No schedules — your character just has to eat or sleep whenever he gets hungry or tired.

Permissions and credits

  • No new items and all vanilla items unchanged.
  • Hunger and tiredness penalties may seem to be too strong, but they make food and rest really necessary.
  • Vampires and werewolves (in wolf form) don't get hungry or tired.
  • Imprisoned characters don't get hungry or tired.


Your character must eat appr. 2 units of food every 5 hours. (Or after 8 hours of sleep.) The more hungry your character gets, the more food he has to eat. While staying hungry, he will suffer penalties and eventually die.

These vanilla ingredients are considered as food:
  • ash yam,
  • bread,
  • comberry,
  • corprus flesh (but, really?),
  • crab meat,
  • daedra's heart,
  • durzog meat,
  • ghoul heart,
  • hackle-lo leaf,
  • holly berries,
  • hound meat,
  • human flesh,
  • kwama eggs,
  • marshmerrow,
  • muffin,
  • rat meat,
  • saltrice,
  • scrib cabbage,
  • scrib jelly,
  • scrib jerky,
  • scuttle,
  • wickwheat.

Hunger penalties:
  • Drain attributes: Agility, Endurance, Strength and Speed — from 10 to 100 pts.
  • Drain Fatigue (varying quantity in different hunger stages).
  • Drain Health (in terminal hunger stages).
  • Instant death (after 260 hours of hunger).


Your character must rest appr. 8 hours everyday. The more tired your character gets, the more rest he must have (but not much more). While staying tired, he will suffer penalties and eventually die.

Tiredness penalties:
  • Drain attributes: Intelligence, Personality, Willpower, Luck — from 10 to 100 pts.
  • Drain Fatigue (varying quantity in different tiredness stages).
  • Drain Magicka (in terminal tiredness stages).
  • Instant death (after 160 hours of tiredness).

Known Issues

  • Food will not work, if character eats it from container. You must put it in your character's inventory first.
  • All hunger penalties will disappear after changing hunger stage via food consumption, but your character will regain them, when you close the inventory, if the character is still hungry. It happens because adding spells in menu mode doesn't work properly.
  • If character gets hungry or tired with 0 Fatigue, he will knockout. If it happens while character is underwater, he may drown.
  • On come PCs food consumption may take no effect on unknown reason due to the bug in GetSoundEffect function, but I'm not sure about it.

Optional Features

Ket's Tired and Hungry - Economics.esp — makes all food cost from 10 s. to 25 s., and makes room rent cost 50 s. Highly recommended.
Ket's Tired and Hungry - No Vagrancy.esp — with this plugin your character will get no rest while sleeping outdoors.

Compatiability patches

For Tamriel Rebuilt:
Ket's Tired and Hungry TR.esp 
Ket's Tired and Hungry TR - Economics.esp