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  1. Zaksta
    • supporter
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    It's not really clear to me what this mod does. Does the TR_Heads_Unlocked.esp reassign the heads from TR heads to Vanilla ones? Did you *really* edit all those NPCs by hand? There are some NPCs that have been missed by this mod, I can share the names of them if you'd like

    Thanks for sharing, I was worried I'd have to do it myself!
    1. malic18
      • member
      • 78 posts
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      Due to the way Morrowind works, two races can't share the same body part. So I did a bunch of manual record adding and recreated each head/hair record from the vanilla game for some TR races. So this mod solely adds more head/hair body parts to each race. In the Vanilla version, khajiit races can use each others heads and hairs, ohmes-raht can use khajiit hairs, and ohmes can use wood elf hairs.
      If NPCs have been auto-given these heads, they were likely auto generated. I didn't touch any NPCs myself.