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TR Heads Unlocked - v0.1
This mod allows you use the head/hair options from the vanilla game for TR races.

We recommend you use Tamriel Unlimited ( to play as these races

Also contains an UNOFFICIAL porting of Westly's Master Headpack X to the new races added by Tamriel_Data.
Currently this only adds accessing the already-existing Westly heads/hairs, without custom content.

All 1000+ records were done by hand, so if there are any issues, please report them!

Vanilla - requires Tribunal, Bloodmoon, Tamriel_Data
Westly - requires Tribunal, Bloodmoon, Tamriel_Data, Westley's Master Headpack X

Cathay, Cathay-raht, and Suthay use the Khajiit heads/hairs.
Khajiit can now use Cathay, Cathay-raht, and Suthay heads/hairs.
Ohmes-raht use Khajiit hairs, with no new heads.
Ohmes use Wood Elf hairs, with no new heads.

Reachmen are PLANNED to use Nord hairs, but are delayed as there is 450 of them in Westly alone.
Sea Elves use nothing new for now, as each hair/head would require a new mesh.

All credit goes to the team behind Tamriel_Data and Westly.