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Various modifications to waterfalls and water splashes. Born to fit Better Waterfalls mod.

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The effect of vanilla falling water is quite poor, specially where it "penetrate" the sea. Fortunately, there are some good mods that provide some better waterfall meshes and textures but only one, for what I know, it's able to mask the thing. This mod is Better Waterfalls and my mod resizes (or eliminate!) the water splash to (in my opinion) a more reasonable size. This also, I have the impression, graphically better synchronizes the animations. Yes... dedicated to maniacs of the details.

List of changes:

[+] The resizing has been done on all exterior waterfalls of Vivec and Molag Mar. The animation has been reduced in CS, duplicated in 3 and disposed in a row.

[-] In water spout cases (those inside the various Canalworks and in Mournhold) the splash has been simply deleted, for these reasons:
  1- It wasn't possible to resize it more than that, and I'm not able to modify animations (yet..?).
  2- The animations are a work of MelchiorDahrk and I would not modify his files, anyway.
  3- The water that falls now simply flow... I like it. And I bet you'll not be nostalgic of the effect of water particles that pass through the stone.

[-] Bonus: I've noticed that in Canalworks there was a mysterious blue light sticked to the waterfalls... I've deleted it. If you want it... I can do a modular version... but... water... is not blue. edit: ok. ok. Who I'm to judge? Done.

[/] Natural waterfalls are untouched.