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Quickly create province-specific battle and explore soundtracks for Tamriel Rebuilt and Project Tamriel's province mods by dragging and dropping music into folders.

Permissions and credits
Provincial Music by Texafornian

Many thanks to:
- NullCascade for MWSE v2 and checking region via loaddoor
- Rytelier for inspiration from his MWSE music mod
- Merlord for info on Morrowind music formats

- Morrowind Code Patch
- Morrowind Script Extender v2 (MWSE-LUA)

Suggest changes on GitHub:

- Quickly create province-specific "battle" and "explore" soundtracks for Tamriel Rebuilt (Mainland Morrowind) and Project Tamriel's province mods (Cyrodiil and Skyrim) by dragging and dropping music into folders.
- Plays province-specific songs immediately upon changing province, regardless of interior/exterior cell.
- If you leave a folder empty, the game will instead play the vanilla soundtrack.
- Create soundtracks for other mods with a few, easy steps.

- Extract the included "Music" and "MWSE" folders to your "Morrowind/Data Files" folder.
- Drop any number of mp3s into the new "Data Files/Music/cyrodiil/...", "Data Files/Music/morrowind/...", and "Data Files/Music/skyrim/..." battle and explore folders.
- Run Morrowind.

Custom Soundtracks:
- Create a folder within Morrowind/Data Files/Music that contains "battle" and "explore" folders.
- Place your compatible mp3s in the new "battle" and "explore" folders.
- Open "config.lua".
- Add path entries for your new folders to "this.paths" which follow the existing entries' style.
- Add region entries for your new mod to "this.regions" which follow the existing entries' style.
- Run Morrowind.

- "My game crashes when I change cells and there's no error output in MWSElog.txt"

    Mp3s must be constant bit rate (128 kb/s works) and 44.1 kHz. If your game crashes, then the Mp3s need to be converted.

    Audacity conversion guide:

    Wavosaur 1.4: 
    1) Download LAME Mp3 encoder and put it in your Wavosaur folder.
    2) Open Wavosaur 1.4, choose Tools->Batch Process.
    3) Select your music folder, click "Convert to 44100 kHz", then "Start".
    4) Batch convert the output Wavs back to 128 kb/s Mp3s.

- "Can you include music with the mod?"

   No, but I recommend that you check these out:
    - TR Official Soundtrack:
    - Resdayn Suite:
    - ASKII's work:
    - Rytelier's work: (
    - TES IV's OST (iTunes, Amazon, etc.)
    - TES V's OST (iTunes, Amazon, etc.)

- Much better combat music logic
- Fixed a possible error in region checking

- Modified "in combat" check. It's not perfect, but it's better
- Clarified debug level config option
- Renamed some functions

- De-hardcoded the checking functions. Users can now create new folders and add entries for them in config.lua.
- More optimizations

- Added option for unique Solstheim soundtrack (will play vanilla if folders left empty)
- Music should now switch correctly if teleporting away from a fight
- More optimizations
- Fixed Solstheim region names in config.lua
- Changed default Solstheim region assignments from "Vanilla" to "Solstheim"
- Changed default "Mournhold Region" assignment from "Vanilla" to "Morrowind"
- Folder paths are now stored in config.lua (I don't recommend editing)

- Moved regions table to separate config.lua file.
- Added "debug level" option to config.lua to suppress spammy mwse.log output.
- Optimized the region check.
- Possibly optimized main.lua's functions.
- Fixed edge case when there's only one mp3 in a music folder.
- Fixed typo that was breaking Cyrodiil functionality