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Summon a demonic or spectral steed from the depths of Oblivion to scare your enemies.

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This mod allows the skilled summoner to call upon a nightmare and spectral horse from the planes of Oblivion. It was inspired by the daemonic steed Merlin in my Basil stories.

A small quest will lead to the discovery of the summon spells. To start the quest, talk to people who have some knowledge about summoning. (clue: they usually live in fungus, except for this one)

The horses are based on Pegas Horse Ranch 3.1 by MadMax. However, they cannot be bred, sold or trained. Their attributes depend on the summoners conjuration skill. Meshes and Textures are based on the alpha/glow mapped horses by Psymoniser.

This mod requires Pegas Horse Ranch as it uses the riding scripts from it.

Please do not upload this file anywhere else.