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The Sixth House have been defeated and Morrowind is saved. Yet, reports of a group of Ashlanders camped outside of Kogoruhn will lead the Nerevarine into a new story. Restore a fallen house, defeat a new enemy, and recover ancient artifacts.

Permissions and credits
After the Blight

This mod was originally created for the Morrowind Modding Madness Competition in 2018. It introduces a new faction to Morrowind in the form of the Mamshar-Disamus, as well as a new questline for you to follow after the main quest has been completed. Since its initial release I have rebuilt the mod from the ground up. Everything except for the level design has been rewritten and redesigned. The original mod is also still available for you to enjoy.

What is the Story?

The Sixth House have been defeated and Morrowind is saved. Yet, reports of a group of Ashlanders camped outside of Kogoruhn will lead the Nerevarine into a new story. You will help restore a fallen house, defeat new enemies, and recover ancient artifacts. Along your journey, you will meet the mysterious Mamshar-Disamus, a group of 'Ashlanders' with a secret. Not all is as it seems. Whispers are that the Ashlanders are the descendants of the true House Dagoth, before its corruption under Dagoth Ur.


  • Kick-off a brand new questline.
  • Utilize several opportunities to roleplay.
  • Acquire new artifacts, books, and souvenirs.
  • Meet several new characters in your journey.
  • Explore a redesigned Mamshar-Disamus Camp.
  • Help the Mamshar-Disamus continue their ancestors' legacy.
  • Face off against Alvath Valen of the Ald-Kena. (Crown Edition Exclusive)


Madness Edition: Are you interested in what House Dagoth was like in the first era, before they became a cult of tentacle monsters and madmen? Have you ever wanted to join them? Then this mod is for you. After Dagoth Ur dies, you will have the opportunity to meet with a Dunmer related to House Dagoth, whose aim is to restore the house to its former glory. The house will blossom peacefully, and be filled with artists, philosophers, and researchers of magic. Will you choose to help this Dunmer in restoring House Dagoth? Or will you leave the house as no more than a relic of the past? The choice is yours.

Crown Edition:
This edition is the rewritten version by yours truly. This edition features a new quest structure, that was able to made with more planning than the original (there was a time limit during MMM). This edition also features an overarching villain. The progression of the mod takes place in three specific acts. It is also intended to be played alongside, before, or after the Crown Edition of The Rise of the Tribe Unmourned, as the mods actually both reference each other. The reason for the name will be revealed in a later project. This version is currently incompatible with Beautiful Cities of Morrowind, however the aforementioned 'later project' should make them compatible soon enough. Start the quest by talking to a non-Imperial Guard once you finish the main quest.

Purist Pariahs:

Luj1 – Writer for research quest-arc. (Madness Edition)
AliceL93 – Writer for main quest-arc. (Madness Edition)
ArticusArt – Designer of the new Mamshar-Disamus Camp. (Both Editions)
Caeris - Writer for religion quest-arc in the Madness Edition, re-did everything except the Mamshar-Disamus Camp (minus some
edits) in the Crown Edition.

I hope you enjoy this nifty mod,
- Caeris.