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Beware the Sixth House
V 1.0
by mort

Makes the Sixth House the most difficult content in the game. Intended for use with my other rebalance mods.

This makes Dagoth Ur, the Ash Vampires, all Dagoths, all ash slaves, corprus beasts, ascended sleepers and every other corprus beast to be incredibly difficult. They have lots of health. They do lots of damage. Their spells hurt, and some even regenerate health.

When the player gets Corprus, they begin to gain strength and endurance. This assumes the effect is similar to everyone, at the cost of their mind. The corprus beasts are incredibly resilient according to in-game lore. A single Ash Vampire fought off a brigade of Buoyant Armigers single-handed. This mod makes it so that is probably true.

If you want all of the changes below, load Beware the Sixth House and nothing else. If you want only some of the changes, load the mods you want from the modular folder.

1. Sixth House Rebalance - changes the stats and spells of the 6th house creatures (including Ash Vampires and Dagoth Ur)
2. Ash Vampire Script Fix (based off the mod by hollaajith) - Killing Ash Vampires now weakens Dagoth Ur
3. Keening belongs to Odros - Keening is now replaced by a cheap copy. The real Keening is now held by an ash vampire to prevent easy looting.
4. Sunder and keening hurt on pickup - Wielding the tools grants you a mortal blow, but looting them is okay? This changes it to give you a single tick of damage when you loot them.

Tribunal Rebalance

Bloodmoon Rebalance

Up next for 2.0: reworking the final dungeons to be much more interesting and difficult.

Dagoth Ur Fix by hollaajith (permissions permit modification)

edited and cleaned his dagoth ur script fix