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General Darius wants Widow Vabdas' land, because he would like to build a new dock for the Legion. With this mod, an actual dock will appear near Vabdas' hut, a few days after the quest is finished by stealing the land deed.

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The present mod aims to enhance the immersion of the game. According to the first quest of General Darius from the Imperial Legion, the player must get the deed for the land of Widow Vabdas so that the Legion can build a new dock in the city. Naturally, if the player decides to be nice, and investigate her husband's murder, Darius will give this plan up. However, the opportunity is also present in the game to actually disregard Vabdas' story about the Legionnaire murderer, and simply steal the land deed from a chest in her house. With this mod, if the player decides to do this "evil" option, a new dock will be built up in three days, near the hut of Widow Vabdas, thus providing a way for the player to feel that his or her actions now really have consequences.


- New docks at Gnisis, with a new shipmaster who offers fast travel to Ald Velothi, Khuul, and Gnaar Mok (Built up after three days, following the acquisition of the land deed.)

- An "in-between" stage after one day has passed: observe the construction of the docks, and talk with a new, interesting NPC, who is responsible for it

- A simple delivery quest to offer a lore-friendly reason to visit the docks

- Unique dialogue from the people of Gnisis and Ald Velothi concerning the docks, based on their personality, current status, faction membership, and several other factors. Compatible with mods such as LGNPC Pax Redoran and LGNPC Ald Velothi. Just a few examples: The silt strides operator will be angry with the competition, the merchants will be happy that the docks enhance commerce in the area, while Hentus will not even be able to think about the issue, and form his opinion until you return his pants.

- Two .esp-s: One for vanilla Morrowind, and one that is compatible with the latest version of Morrowind Rebirth. (4.71.)

- Compatible with Graphic Herbalism, but it must always be loaded before that, because it adds one plant next to the docks, which you may not be able to harvest if you load the mod after Graphic Herbalism.

- Perhaps a more immersive gameplay for evil and/or Imperial loyalist role players.

BUG (?): "I have waited/slept for three days, yet the docks are still not ready. Your mod is buggy, and you should feel bad!"

Every time you enter Gnisis (Including any Gnisis Interior), the timer will reset (Which is - as I know - also the case in the vanilla stronghold, should you enter its cell during its construction). So, if you stumble upon the "bug" that you have waited for three days and the docks are still not ready, it is not a bug. You just have to leave Gnisis entirely, and wait for three or more consecutive days there. For the "in-between" stage, you have to do the same, but with only one day. Sadly, we could not find a solution for this. All I could do was convincing PoodleSandwich to change the construction time from 15 days (which he originally planned) to 3. We reflect on this discussion of us in an Easter Egg in this mod, by the way. Let us know if you find it! :D


AliceL93: Project initiator, creation of the dialogue and the quest

PoodleSandwich: Scripting, and design of the docks

Momo77 for his Fishery Resource and his permission to use it in the present mod

Stupostar for her Smith and Crafting Resource, and her permission to use it in the present mod