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This mod replaces the generic, copy-pasted guards of Morrowind with different variations. Some guards have different loadouts and armor, and each have different faces.

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Yet Another Guard Diversity

By Half11 & SkoomaPro

Version: 1.6

1.    Description
2.    Requirements
3.    Installation
4.    Distribution permission
5.    Changelog
6.    Credits

"This mod replaces the generic, copy-pasted guards of Morrowind with different variations. Some guards have different loadouts and armor, and each have different faces."
- SkoomaPro

SkoomaPro's (somewhat obscure) Guard Diversity mod was, hands down, one the best "guard diversity" mods that I have tried. However, there was room for a few minor improvements:
  • I added a female-only "leveled list" to the guards in Tel Mora. The reason for this is that the people in Tel Mora say there are no men there, including the male Tel Mora guards...
  • Imperial Guards in the game were labled just "Guard", while other guards such as Telvanni, Hlaalu, Redoran all are labled "Hlaalu Guard", "Telvanni Guard", etc. Imperial Guards will now show up as "Imperial Guard".
  • Finally, I added matching pauldrons to the Telvanni Cephalopod Helm. Telvanni guards are now more distinct from Hlaalu and Redoran, in a subtle way.

By using a variety of so-called "leveled lists", the composition of the guards changes from time to time.


Before installing the mod it is important to consider which version you want to use:
  1. Yet Another Guard Diversity: Contains all changes including the new Telvanni pauldrons.
  2. Yet Another Guard Diversity - Purist: Contains all changes except the new Telvanni pauldrons.
  3. Yet Another Guard Diversity - No Telvanni: Contains all changes except for Telvanni guards. Use this version if you use another mod for Telvanni guards.

Copy the "Yet Another Guard Diversity.esp" file into your Morrowind\Data Files folder. Activate the mod in the Morrowind launcher.

Distribution permission
Yet Another Guard Diversity is distributed under the Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0) license. In human-readable terms, this means the following:
  • Attribution (BY) -> You must give appropriate credit to me as the original creator, provide a link to the license*, and indicate if changes were made.
  • Share-alike (SA) -> If you remix, transform, or build upon the material, you must distribute your contributions under the same license as the original.
  • Non-commercial (NC) -> You may not use the material for commercial purposes.
  • In addition, I ask you to include the original readme files in your mod.

Version 1.6 [February 24th, 2019]
  • Fixed the error message regarding talking to Danso Indules about "meet the archcanon" for real this time. Removed any possible conflict with regarding this part of the main quest (dialogue referred to vanilla guard IDs). Thank you marlowemcdougal for the comprehensive testing and your reports.

Version 1.5 [February 2th, 2019]
  • Fixed an error message regarding talking to Danso Indules about "meet the archcanon".

Version 1.4 [January 28th, 2019]
  • Added guard diversity to Ebonheart plaza.
  • Fixed the guard background topics.
  • Fixed interiors guards facing to the wall.
  • Removed Imperial Silver armor from common guards because it felt kinda out of place. In the vanilla game, only the Duke's guard wear their silver armor. Aside from that, it's mostly worn by a random Dunmer (which is kinda weird).
  • Fixed an abnormally large guard inside one of Maar Gan guard towers.
  • Renamed "Hlaalu Sharpshooter Guard" to "Hlaalu Sharpshooter" (in line with the other archers).
  • Fixed vanilla Imperial Archer background topic.

Version 1.3 [July 26th, 2018]
  • Lowered the Telvanni Cephalopod Pauldrons enchantment values considerably. They still have a high enchantment (Daedric values + 0.25% = in line with the existing Telvanni Cephalopod Helm) but are no longer overpowered.
  • Instead of making individual patches for the many mods that change Telvanni guards, I decided to upload a version that does not change the Telvanni in any way whatsoever. This way the mod should be compatible with all those mods, including the lesser known.

Version 1.2 [July 26th, 2018]
  • Added matching pauldrons to the Telvanni Cephalopod Helm, so the Telvanni guards are now more distinct from the Hlaalu and Redoran guards.
  • Fixed a small bug in one of the leveled item lists (Each=No -> Each=Yes).

Version 1.1 [July 25th, 2018]
  • Added an optional patch for Telvanni Cephalopod Armor by Danke & Cheydin.

Version 1.0 [July 25th, 2018]
  • Initial release.

Thanks to SkoomaPro for the orginal Guard Diversity mod.
Thanks to Danke for the original Telvanni Cephalopod armor models.
Thanks to Cheydin for adding the missing icon and tweaking placement on the amor by Danke.
Thanks to Greatness7 for the fixed pauldron model by Danke.
Thanks to Bethesda Softworks for developing Morrowind and the Construction Set.