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This mod adds "Paxon, the Pack Rat" to your game.

As the name implies, Paxon is a "Pack" Rat. He's hard to kill or lose, and can carry a lot of stuff. He will also fight beside you.

Paxon can be found in a hidden section of Addmasartus, a smuggler's cave near Seyda Neen.

Permissions and credits

Paxon has several useful companion scripting features, allowing him to:

- warp behind the player if he lags far behind
- teleport along with the player.
- be summoned to your location with his magic acorn
- not disappear through load doors while levitating along with the player
- fix his AI if it's not returning the proper value (which can cause all sorts of problems for companions)

A spell scroll is included which will teach you a set of companion command spells.
With these you can instantly command Paxon to follow, wait, or stop combat.

You can also command Paxon to come to you and/or stop combat through the use of his Magic Acorn.

Lastly, Paxon has various abilities keeping him healthy. He's very low maintenance.