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-=-=-=-=-=-=- The Key Mod -=-=-=-=-=-=-


Current Version - 1.2

Version Release Date - 23/02/2018

Creator - Zobator




This mod aims to continue where Daduke and Lurlock stopped all the way back in 2005, in their quest to improve the keys in the world of Morrowind. This mod combines their mods Key Replacer 1.4 and Key Namer 1.0, not only visually improving the keys, but also adding specific names to the often generic named objects like "Rusty Key".

This mod goes beyond a simple merge of these two mods however. First of all, file naming has been updated to be more uniform and .esp files have been cleaned up and merged. Second, each and every key model created by Daduke has been revisioned. For some keys, only a cleanup of the nif-file was required. For others, I did a complete rebuild of the model from scratch. Previously, nearly all models used low-resolution pictures as textures, which gave unnatural fixed highlights and very stretched UV-mapping. Instead all texture details where transfered to the 3D models which now use properly UV-mapped generic textures, which will update with your own texture packs. This makes the appearance of the keys much more natural IMO, although still very subtle due to the small size of the objects. Although these models sometimes have a much higher poly count, I see no significant difference in performance (Max 1FPS difference at +-95FPS with all 52 keys placed on a table).

Furthermore, keys from the Tribunal expansion received a specific name if necessary. The Bloodmoon expansion already has proper naming in place. Finally, the vanilla keys also got a facelift. This ensures that all keys added by mods also have an updated model.

In short, what this mod does:

- Merge Key Replacer and Key Namer

- Cleaned esp of dirty references and made the replacer for misc_dwrc_ark_key00 pluginless

- More uniform file structure

- (Much) more detailed and/or optimized key models

- Added additional key models

- Added key naming to the Tribunal expansion

- Added pluginless replacer for the 2 vanilla keys in the game



In the archive 2 .esp files are included. Use only one!

[The Key Mod.esp] is the complete mod.

[The Key Mod - No Names.esp] leaves the object names as with vanilla Morrowind

Copy and paste the meshes and icons folders to your Data files.

If you use lots of other mods, it is advisable to merge your objects with MMOG by abot (

If for some reason you want the original assets by Daduke, you can overwrite the Data files with the ones from the Legacy Assets map in the Extra's folder.

[Save File]


The plugin should not invalidate your old saved games. If you save your game while this plugin is loaded, you may encounter error messages when you reload the saved game without the plugin. But you may be able to continue on with the original game.



Mods that change keys.

[Release History]


1.0 - 18/02/2018 - Initial release.

1.1 - 20/02/2018 - Fixed texture path in key_00.nif; Added pluginless mesh and icon replacer for the vanilla keys.

1.2 - 23/02/2018 - Mesh optimization. Added 5 more key models. Remade the Key to Lower Arkngthand from scratch.



Daduke and Wolfram for the original Key Replacer 1.4. Despite much effort, I wasn't able to contact them.

Lurlock for his Key Namer 1.0 mod. (Thanks to Half11 for suggesting this mod)

Greatness7 for his import-export nif script for Blender.

Quantumsistemas for his imperial dragon model

Bethesda for the greatest game ever made, Morrowind.

[Legal Use & Distribution]


This mod is exclusively for personal use with the game Morrowind.