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It overhauls a few Bloodmoon dungeons.

Permissions and credits
Mines and Caverns_Solstheim
by Jsp25

01/01/19 - Version 1.1

1) Overview
    This mod overhauls a few Bloodmoon dungeons. It is meant to be played with Solstheim Overhaul.

    It uses some resources of Mines and Caverns and includes the same day/night interior lightning system.
    Additionaly, when the ceiling is cracked, the exterior weather will be represented inside the dungeon; by
    a light ray when the weather is clear/cloudy and by a vanilla steam activator when it is any other (shown
    in the screenshots). The scripts needed for this are written by Abot.

    These are the dungeons included:

        Cave of Hidden Music
        Chamber of Song
        Gandrung Caverns

2) Compatibility
    This mod is not dependant on STOSP, but it is meant to be played with it. You will have floating/bleeding
    statics otherwise.
    It should be compatible with everything else.

3) Disclaimer
    I'm not responsible if this mod messes up your save game or something. It's always good to have a back up copy of it.
    Cleaned with TES3CMD and Enchanted Editor.

4) Bugs
    None that I know of. Report them if there's any.

5) Credits
    Eldermaster28 - Detailed Dungeons
    Lougian - Light rays
    Articus - Animated Sky
    N'Dib - Terrain Cliffs
    Melchior Dahrk - Mud rocks resource

    (Original readme's included in the mod)