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-=-=-=-=-=-=- HQ Bug Shells -=-=-=-=-=-=-


Current Version - 1.1

Version Release Date - 11/03/2018

Creator - Zobator




Replaces the meshes and textures for the 4 ashlander bug shell bows/shields with HQ ones. The textures are taken from actual bugs that live in Belgium and the Netherlands. Also the vanilla meshes, which were very low poly and had just ridiculously bad UV-maps, were updated to a much smoother model with proper UV-mapping.



1. Copy the meshes and textures folders in this archive to your morrowind Data files folder and overwrite if asked.

2. If you don't like one of the textures I've made, there are additional textures in the extra's folder named Just rename the texture you like to the texture you don't like and copy it to your textures folder.

[Save File]


Only meshes and textures are affected. Your save files will be fine.



Mods that change the bug shell meshes or textures.

[Release History]


1.0 - 28/01/2018 - Initial release.

1.1 - 11/03/2018 - Added additional texture variants in the extra's folder.



Drukker, D. & M. Berg, 2017. Soortzoeker Pissebedden in de tuin. Naturalis Biodiversity Center & EIS Kenniscentrum insecten en andere ongewervelden, Leiden. (

Barder888 for proposing some additional color schemes.

Bethesda Softworks for the creation of Morrowind and the original bug shell bowls.

[Legal Use & Distribution]


This mod is exclusively for personal use with the game Morrowind.