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An improved water shader for MGE XE.

Permissions and credits

This is a reworked version of the MGE XE standard water shader. I took a lot of inspiration from various versions of water shaders for MGE and MGE XE, so credit goes to the modders who originally came up with the appropriate code.
See credits section.


- MGE XE 0.10.1

- Dynamic ripples option (found in In MGE XE Distant Land tab) must be activated and set to 40 to work as intended.

- Exponential fog is strongly recommended, results will be bland without it.


Different water color with a more reflective surface, different wave behavior and
depth gradient. Greater depths will have a darker color.

Improved caustics by vtastek.

Peak fix and water cut feature by vtastek. The original MGE XE water shader would have let you 
peak under the water surface. This exploit is no more possible.

Heavily tweaked foam. Foam will be generated on water shores as well as on wave
tips. In stormy weather there will be foam on wave tips.

Ripples produced by the player will no longer trigger foam. Every other water 
shader with foam had this behavior and it bothered me big time.

Comes with an underwater effects shader for corresponding colors underwater.

fps impact is not different from standard MGE XE water shader. Versions with sewer waves will have a 
slight impact on fps.

=Changes in version 2.0=

- completely reworked colors

- reworked and fixed depth color

- better looking normals with more subtle tiling

- foam on wave tips in stormy weather

- re-included water cut feature by vtastek

- optional waves in far normals

- swell waves with optional foam, quite subtle by default

- lots of additional stuff and tweakables in the code

- lots of fixes and rewritten code

=Changes in version 1.3b=

- only changes to underwater effects shader in this update:

- fixed sunrays, didn't work previously

- fixed underwater color and sun ray behavior during nights and bad weather

- added slight chromatic abberration effect

- increased wobble

=Changes in version 1.3=

- much better transition from water edge to shore

- better adjustment of far normals movement speed relative to near normals

=Changes in version 1.2=

- reworked wave behavior to avoid flickering

- added chromatic abberation effect to refraction

- reworked water colors

- made normals stronger

- lots of little tweaks here and there


vtastek for his peak fix, improved caustics, optimized sewer waves, bits and pieces of code here and there and general help.

phal and harnlarnm for original foam code.

abot for sewer waves port.

Hrnchamd for MGE XE.


You can do with this shader what you want as long as you give proper credit to the original authors and me.