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Vanilla Normal Maps a includes a normal map for nearly every texture in game at 1K resolution!

All included textures have been normal mapped, ambient occlusion, gloss and height mapped!!

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This mod contains auto-generated Normal/Height Maps which provides a huge improvement on so many textures! Watch features pop out! Stones in walls, carvings in wood, details on clothing, Argonians scales! Importantly no textures look bad due to this mod, there are none I've found to be detrimental despite testing, nor have there been any reports of such by the 6000+ people who've downloaded this mod. It can really modernise the game whilst staying true to vanilla.

This won't work in Vanilla Morrowind! Requires OpenMW or plugins that enhance the original engine. Bump mapping was a broken feature in the original engine.

The process is automated so are the the best normal maps possible? No, but they aren't bad either,  the settings were set cautiously to improve every texture and ruin none. Yet they can be quite dramatic.

Download the 1K Textures as normal through the Nexus!

New to this? How to install, download and unzip the file then drop the "textures" file into your "data files" folder.

Warning this will wipe out all your other Vanilla Normal Map replacements! So if you want to keep them, back them up! Move them! Be careful! In the even of conflicts would recommend skipping files with the same name as pre-existing files.

WHERE ARE THE TEXTURES? This mod used to include textures, but they weren't to some peoples taste and some messed things up.

I recommend using this mod alongside Morrowind Enhanced Textures:

Or another mod that replaces every vanilla texture with a HD one.

(Feel free to redistribute, though please credit)