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Vanilla Remastered includes almost every texture in game at 1K and now 4K resolution! All included textures have been normal mapped, specular, ambient occlusion, gloss and height mapped!!

Permissions and credits
I remastered Morrowinds vanilla textures using Waifu2x, which uses nural networking to re-imagine an image. It's not perfect but there isn't
loss of quality, it's closer to a re-drawing of an image than an upscaling. This is closer to showing an artist a picture and asking them
to draw it larger than regular upscaling! See for yourself.

In testing I downscaled the images and found little descernable difference between
the downscaled textures and true 4K, and improvement over 1K. The Mapping makes a huge improvement on some textures!

Some textures look better when processed using different settings. This
version most textures look good and all I know of acceptable. There are
some I plan on improving.

Latest Map files

I've been having errors uploading here so for now I'm sharing them via this link, if anyone can help with that please do!

Download the 1K Textures as before through the Nexas!

New to this? How to install, drop the "textures" file into your "data files" folder.

Warning this will wipe out all your other texture replacements! Back them up! Move them! Be careful! Other than that the order you install these textures does not matter.

I want to credit G The Generous for the idea and help his mod gave me.