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Normal maps for Morrowind based largely on Tyddy's HD retextures.

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Update for 11/10/2020

Earlier this year, I, 1Mac, noted some observations related to how this mod was previously packaged. DassiD gave me permission to address these issues and update how the mod was packaged, and I have finally gotten around to doing so.


-All files are now packaged with a /textures folder, for better support for mod managers, OpenMW's virtual folder system, etc.

-Requirements for each file have been specified.

-Versions of files 01 and 09 that are compatible with Lysol's Imperial Towns retexture are now available.

-In files 01 and 09, DassiD had accidentally included normal maps made from textures from other mods. These have now been sequestered to their own files.

-Extraneous files from "07 Terrain" have been removed. These include any specular files, since OpenMW does not render specular for terrain textures; plus other extraneous files that were generated by mistake.

I have a few more comments below the original description.

DassiD's original description

Both MGE XE and OpenMW supports normal maps, why not try to make some?
I used Tyddy's Arkitektora of Vvardenfell series as the base textures, so they will look best with those.
Since AoV is so close to the originals, you can use the normals with vanilla textures as well. [I find that this is not actually true. Best to stick with the texture mods they were made for. ~1Mac]

What's not included

I skipped what there's already mods for, this pack only covers architecture and landscape(for now).
Dwemer, forts, and the expansions are WIP, and will be added later.


All files goes into the textures folder.
The files comes configured for OpenMW,
but with a simple name change they will likely work with MGE XE too.


The textures were made with following settings configured:

force per pixel lighting = true
clamp lighting = false
auto use object normal maps = true
auto use object specular maps = true
normal map pattern = _n
normal height map pattern = _nh
specular map pattern = _spec
auto use terrain normal maps = true
auto use terrain specular maps = true
terrain specular map pattern = _diffspec

Thanks to Tyddy for making awesome textures!

Additional comments from 1Mac

Since this mod was made, Tyddy made new versions of his Vivec/VelothiRedoran, and Hlaalu sets. The normal maps here are not wholly compatible with these new versions; however, DaggerfallTeam has made new normal maps that are.

Lysol also has Vivec and Hlaalu texture sets that include normal maps. The textures are made with normal maps in mind, so they look fantastic; however, they are not as comprehensive as Tyddy's textures and DaggerfallTeam's normal maps are. One possibility is to install Tyddy's and DaggerfallTeam's textures first, then install Lysol's mod. DaggerfallTeam's files do not have the same compatibility concerns with Lysol's mods as DassiD's did--concerns solved with this update. To whit, DassiD made height maps (suffix _nh) instead of regular normal maps (suffix _n). Lysol often uses regular normals. So maybe one of Tyddy's mods and one of Lysol's mods share a file called Lysol perhaps has a corresponding normal map called, while DassiD's is called Lysol overwrites Tyddy's texture file, but not DassiD's normal/height map. And since OpenMW always prioritizes _nh files over _n files, that means the user will see Lysol's texture with DassiD's height map, which do not match, as will be quite obvious if the user tries it! (Again, I stress that this issue has been solved with this update.) DaggerfallTeam just uses regular normal maps, so with his normal maps this compatibility issue doesn't arise.

You could also solve this issue by simply renaming DassiD's files so they have an _n suffix instead of _nh. The parallax information that OpenMW height maps use is found in the alpha channel, which I'm not even sure DassiD's files always have. That would mean changing the suffix might not even make any visual difference.

Big thanks to DassiD for making these files and for letting me edit how they were packaged. They really do look great in game. Hopefully they are now a little easier to use!