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New. Better. Detailed. Richer. Closer to vanilla.
Textures of Great House Redoran and Ald Skar.

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This mod contains 26 high resolution textures for Redoran Architecture set and optional files for Ald Skar Carapace, Tamriel Rebuilt redoran textures and megatextures for Project ATLAS.
All parts of Mod have two quality options - HQ (2048x) and MQ (1024x), Ald Skar Textures are bigger (4k and 2k). ATLAS are provided in 2k*8k and 1k*4k.
Most of textures are improved version of the first volume of Redoran Arkitektora - they have more details, richer colours, closer to vanilla gamma and style.

As usual, you need to unpack archive to Morrowind "Data Files" folder and accept files rewriting.
Optional mods can be installed the same way.

1. To Bethesda Softworks team, creators of original Morrowind.
2. Morrowind Modding Community.
3. Remiros aka Flash1331 - check out his mods, they are very good. Also he makes some of screenshots for this mod.
4. Tamriel Rebuilt Team for their awesome project.
5. Russian TESLore Community.

You can redistribute, reload and modify this mod wherever and however you want, just credit me (Tyddy) as original creator.
If you have ideas, how I can, you can or we together can improve this mod, feel free to PM me here or find me in MMC Discord Server.