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This is the long awaited City of Balmora mod, initially worked on by Praedator, but when he left the community, he gave me permission to finish this mod and release it.

City of Balmora is a City Expansion, Dungeon, Quest mod - featuring not only an expanded Balmora, but also the expanded towns of Suran, Hla-Oad and Gnaar Mok, the new island of Mathi-Agea, 3 new faction headquarters and so much more.

There are 3 new factions for you to join - the Young Mages Gathering, the Redchurch Temple and the Great Hlaalu Guard - each with their own lengthy and complex questlines.

It also adds a total of 39 different quests for you to do, although due to the choice and consequences nature of the quests, you won't be able to do all of these in a single playthrough.

Starting the Mod

The easiest way for you to experience this mod, is to simply go to Balmora and walk about. You can join the Young Mages Gathering by speaking to Volene, opposite Caius' house.

Words of Warning

? The quests are unlike anything you experienced in the vanilla game. It is highly recommended for you to level up your Speechcraft skill as much as you can, as speech checks are in abundance. And a lot of the time, you need to solve puzzles or read between the lines during quests for the most optimal outcomes.

? It is highly recommended that you finish the Main Quest or at least be done with "Hortator and Nerevarine", before you start the Redchurch Temple questline. Ignore this, if you're planning to do the Back Path anyway.

? If you are planning to go through the Redchurch Temple questline and you are wanting to make use of the entire vanilla Temple questline, you can (and should) do almost all of it beforehand. The only exception is that you can't become Patri-Arch in the Temple, without angering the Redchurch Temple.

? Save early, safe often in different save files. So that if you make a wrong choice, you can come back easily and make another one.

? If a questline has cut short for you, load a previous save game and approach the quests in a different way.

Incompatible with Epic Balmora, Balmora Expanded and Morrowind Rebirth.
Compatible with Great House Dagoth with the optional patch. Because House Dagoth and the Redchurch Temple want the same thing to happen in their respective quests, and without it, you’d be unable to progress in both questlines.

1.0, 19/11/2017 – Initial release.

You can contact me on TESNexus as ‘EnvyDeveloper’.

Praedator, for making City of Balmora’s factions and locations.
Myself, for doing the final polishing, quests, dialogue and most of the scripting.
Cali, for the kitchenware.
Princess Stomper, for the paintings.
Psy, for the rolling pin.
Darknut, for the monk beads.
Momo, for the cranes, nets and fish.
Qarl, for the crystal balls.
The Province Tamriel team, for the rest of the assets.


You must contact me and obtain my permission before re-packaging any part of
this mod. If I'm unreachable within 2 weeks, then feel free to do whatever you
like with this mod.