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Angered by the death of their lord and the Nerevarine's alliance with the East Empire Company, the remnants of the Sixth House has come to Solstheim to deliver salvation to the Nordic people.

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From Ash to Frost
A Bloodmoon-Sixth House mod by Team Horny Skulls

"Rejoice! At long last Great House Dagoth has come to Solstheim to deliver its people sweet salvation. Those of you who believe yourselves ready and worthy to defend your home, answer the call of Lord Dagoth!"
- 'S'


This mod was created for the Morrowind Modding Madness competition 2017.

The Nerevarine has established the Imperial Colony of Raven Rock on the Island of Solstheim, and although the Sixth House's purpose was solely for the people of Morrowind, such an action is an affront to the Great House Dagoth's ideals. How could the Nerevarine betray not only the people of Morrowind, but also the people of Solstheim, to their greatest enemy - the Empire? Such betrayal warrants liberation. Liberation that only the Sixth House can offer; liberation from the steel chains that the Imperials used to bound the unrelenting natives of the North! Behold, Nerevar, behold! Solstheim's salvation has come! The Sixth House has come.


- 3 high level quests with overhauls of Domme and Gronn

- New BM variations of ash creatures and a Sixth House-Nordic armor set by Hedgehog 12


This quest mod obviously requires the dlcs. Furthermore, your character must have completed the Main Quest and the East Empire Company faction questline. This questline is also meant to be played by high-level characters (which shouldn't be hard considering when it takes place in the game's timeline).

To start the quest, 3 days after completing Raven Rock ask for rumors in Fort Frostmoth, or speak with one of the Imperial Guards there.


This mod alters these important cells in the Bloodmoon expansion. These are:

- Raven Rock
- Skaal Village
- Domme.
- Gronn.

Any mod that alters these cells drastically, will most likely be incompatible with this quest mod.  It's probably also safe to say that this is incompatible with anything that moves the Solstheim island.



Greater Dwemer Ruins by Darknut
The Outlander Library by London Rook
Tamriel Data by Tamriel Rebuilt & Project Tamriel Teams
Dreamers Expansion by Aoimevelho 
Sixth House v2.03 by Endrek 


Caeris: Writer
Enclavekiller: Level Designer and Scriptor


HedgeHog-12 for the creatures and armor

The other teams for making this contest possible

People in Discord for making things not boring and being great help and supportive.

Hope everyone enjoys the mod.