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Fight criminals and monsters in the new Redoran arena for honor.

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The Ash Pit
A Great House Redoran Arena mod by Team Horny Skulls

"Through the Ash Pit, criminals die honorable deaths through battle as opposed to outright execution. This is the Redoran way."
- Evors Hlerayn, Captain of the Ash Fighters


"The Ash Pit" is a mod created by Team Horny Skulls for the Morrowind Modding Madness competition for 2017. This is our entry for the first challenge, we were a week late in entering this submission but here it is now in all its glory. We hope you enjoy it!

A new arena has been built for Great House Redoran. Join the Ash Fighters, the honored combatants of the Ash Pit, soar through their ranks as you face off against countless criminals sentenced to death for their vicious crimes, and several incredible monsters that have been captured from all across Morrowind. 

This mod features:

- The Ash Pit arena, a battleground that adapts to each style of fight. The story goes that it was built by the Temple as a token of their friendship with House Redoran.

- A new join-able faction, the Ash Fighters. These Glorious combatants of honor are chosen to fight against the fiercest criminals and monsters that the Ash Pit has to offer.

- Eighteen unique fights. You will face off against a wide range of enemies, from bandit lords to incredible beasts.

- Six challenging boss battles.

What are the requirements?

To play this mod you will need Morrowind and all of its expansions.
You will also require MWSE so that a few of the fights will work properly.
You do not need to be a member of Great House Redoran to join the new faction, instead you will have to pay a fee. 

What is this compatible with?

Because of the previously stated dependency of MWSE, this mod is not compatible with OpenMW.
This mod is compatible with almost every other mod so long as they do not alter the following regions:
Ashlands Region 4,2  5,1  5,2  5,3  6,2


1.  This mod is meant for late game and was made to be very challenging.
2.  You can fast travel to The Ash Pit via Neminda (the Redoran recruiter in Ald-Ruhn).  Otherwise, see images for location.
3.  It is highly recommended that you re-generate distant land, otherwise parts of the arena won't be visible unless you get close to them which kinda breaks immersion.
4.  There are some known bugs that we ran out of time to fix, we will try to revisit this mod and fix them and expand upon things after the contest.

Version History

1.0- original

1.1- Fixed issues with gold in joining the faction and the bartender quest, assigned missing sounds to creatures, fixed some wood posts going through the floor/ceiling, added a message saying how many enemies the player has killed during a fight that is displayed every time the player kills an enemy ("You have slain x out of y"), added lore regarding the yellow ghostfence you can stop pesturing us on that now, fixed the front ghostfence piece not connecting to the pillars, added Rattle easter egg.



The Hungry Dead by Midgetalien 
The Outlander Library by London Rook 
Tamriel Data by Tamriel Rebuilt & Project Tamriel Teams 
Redoran War Armor and Sathil Mercenary Equipment by Ashtaar 
The Doors of Oblivion by Ashstaar 
Antares' Creatures by Antares
Midgetalien Creatures II by Midgetalien 
Atronach Expansion by Melchior Dahrk 
Undead Glass Berserker Mod and Resource by Melchior Dahrk 
The Armored Scamp is by R-Zero


Caeris: Writer
Enclavekiller: Level Designer and Scriptor


Greatness7 for helping make this mod come true with scripting wizardry and putting up with my nonsense.  Without him this mod would never have been finished.

HedgeHog-12 for giving life to the Dwemer Airship

Person who didn't want to be named for stuff

Merzasphor for MWSE

The other teams for making this contest possible

People in Discord for making things not boring and being great help and supportive.

I would like to apologize to DEG, the judges, and the other teams for being late with this mod, all I can really say is that this mod was a real headache and crap happens. -Enclavekiller

Hope everyone enjoys the mod.